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This baby celebrated his last day in the NICU with a touching graduation ceremony

(PITTSBURGH) -- On Bodie Blodgett's last day in the neonatal intensive care unit at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, he was dressed in an adorable cap and gown for his graduation ceremony, celebrating his last day in the NICU.Bodie was carried through the hallway of the hospital surrounded by his…... Read More

When you eat matters as much as what you eat, authors say in new book

(NEW YORK) -- The foods we should be eating -- fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats -- are well-known, but many don't realize that the timing of when you eat affects how you feel and how healthy you are too. The idea that timing matters when it comes to food…... Read More

Democratic Republic of the Congo fighting worst ever outbreak of Ebola

(NEW YORK) -- The current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest in history and the worst the country has ever seen.At least 658 people have reported symptoms of hemorrhagic fever in the Central African nation's eastern provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, which…... Read More

FDA approves new closure device for heart defect in premature babies

(NEW YORK) -- One in 10 babies are born premature and Irie Felkner and her twin brother, Judah Felkner, were two of them. Born 13 weeks prematurely, they were unable to breathe on their own after birth and had to be placed on ventilators. They were transferred to a neonatal…... Read More

First person to cross Antarctica solo shares his wellness routine

(NEW YORK) -- Colin O'Brady hiked 932 miles across Antarctica and made history in the process as the first person to travel the continent from coast to coast solo.The 33-year-old is also a three-time world record holder who has conquered everything from Everest to Kilimanjaro, Denali and the 50 highest…... Read More

Teen's diabetic alert dog shot and killed, family says

(QUINLAN, Texas) -- They didn't hear the gunshot.But when Tina Westmoreland went to water the plants in the front yard of her home in Quinlan, Texas, on Sunday morning, she found her daughter's diabetic alert dog laying there.The 39-year-old mother of four had just made pancakes for the kids and…... Read More

How clutter affects your health

(NEW YORK) -- Being thankful for what you don’t have might be just as important as being thankful for what you do have. Home organization guru Marie Kondo has sparked an international phenomenon with her KonMari method of tidying up. Her process is based on figuring out which possessions “spark…... Read More

Experts: Suicide rate of young Latinas may be exacerbated by immigration rhetoric

(NEW YORK) -- It started in sixth grade.Sara Martinez said she had no reason to be sad, and yet she was.In seventh grade, she cut herself for the first time, finding her own blood frightening. She eventually tried to kill herself seven times before her 18th birthday. "I just wanted…... Read More

What is IV therapy? Is it a 2019 wellness trend you need to try?

(NEW YORK) -- IV treatments that promise to do everything from boost energy to combat stress are making a big splash already in 2019, topping the wellness trends lists for the new year.No longer just a luxury afforded to celebrities and VIPs, IV treatments are now offered in cities like…... Read More

Selma Blair opens up about the 'truth' of life with MS

(NEW YORK) -- Actress Selma Blair opened up in a candid post to her more than 800,000 Instagram followers about the often overlooked realities and struggles of living with multiple sclerosis, writing, "I choke with the pain of what I have lost and what I dare hope for.""There is a…... Read More

You are now more likely to die of an opioid overdose than in a car crash

(NEW YORK) -- For the first time in history, an American is more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than they are from a motor vehicle crash, according to an analysis from the National Safety Council.The U.S. opioid crisis has come to the forefront of the country's consciousness…... Read More

How to fit exercise in the 9 to 5 grind

(NEW YORK) -- Julia Dodds has had trouble trying to fit exercise into her schedule."I’ve had fitness trainers, I’ve taken classes, I’ve had nutritionists and I never really saw any results, so it has definitely taken a toll on me," Dodds, a 25-year-old New York City-based senior talent acquisition associate…... Read More

Coming back from having a baby

(NEW YORK) -- Laura McGill wants to get fit so she can keep up with her 1-year-old son, Charlie."Since I’ve had my baby, I feel like I have no core anymore and my son is almost 25 pounds right now," McGill, 33, said. "I want to kind of get stronger…... Read More

Get vacation confident with this high-intensity, at-home workout

(NEW YORK) -- Christiana Bau, a 29-year-old graphics coordinator in New York City, is readying for an upcoming, adventure-filled vacation. But she needs help building up her endurance to keep up with all the activities."Most times when I go on vacation, the people I go with usually want to go…... Read More