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Why you should beware the raw water trend

(NEW YORK) --  First, it was juicing. Then it was souping. In 2018, it's raw water.

Selling for as much as $15 a gallon, raw water is all the rage in this basic life necessity. Like black water and boxed water before it, some people a... Read More

Grandmother can't figure out 'bun in the oven' pregnancy announcement

(MONTZ, La.) -- Wesley and Shantelle Dozier found out just before Christmas that, after years of infertility struggles, Shantelle Dozier was pregnant.

In order to share the goods news with Wesley Dozier's mom, Cynthia Dozier, the Montz, Lo... Read More

Family says 12-year-old girl died after being misdiagnosed with the flu

(VISALIA, Calif.) -- A seemingly vibrant 12-year-old California girl, who loved to sing and make her family laugh, suddenly died after her mother said doctors misdiagnosed an infection that kills more than 250,000 Americans annually as the flu.
... Read More

Birth mom shares emotional video she made for son before his adoption

(PROVO, Utah) -- A Utah woman who recorded a tearful video with her son just hours before his adoption was made official hopes the now-viral video shines a l... Read More

CDC official on why the flu is near-epidemic, peaking early this year

(NEW YORK)  -- A dangerous flu has been spreading rapidly across the U.S., escalating flu season earlier than usual, and to near-epidemic levels, according to the CDC.

Wednesday, Dr. Daniel B. Jerigan from the CDC, joined "GMA" to ad... Read More

Teacher who had heart attack inspires 1,300 colleagues to try 10-day plant-based diet

(ROCHESTER, N.Y.) -- More than 1,000 teachers and school administrators in New York state are taking a 10-day challenge to eat a plant-based diet, inspired by a colleague who transformed himself after a heart attack.

Doug Schmidt, a Roches... Read More

Baltimore tops "Top 50 Bed Bug Cities" list again

(BALTIMORE) -- The city of Baltimore has once again come in first place -- on a list no place would want to be a part of: the top 50 most bed bug-infested cities.

Atlanta-based pest control company Orkin has released its annual list of the... Read More

What to know about prostate cancer after Mitt Romney's announcement

(NEW YORK) -- As Mitt Romney is said to be considering a run for the Senate, many people are asking how his newly announced battle with prostate cancer could affect his health.

"Mitt Romney was treated over the summer for prostate cancer,"... Read More

How specialty glasses allow some colorblind people to 'perceive color better'

(NEW YORK) -- When 17-year-old Cole Williams was surprised by coworkers with the Christmas gift of Enchroma colorblindness glasses, he was just excited to be able to match his clothes for high school.

Williams is one of many who has benefi... Read More

'Interpening': Interpreting terpenes to know how cannabis will make you feel

(DENVER) -- On a warm winter day in Denver, Max Montrose, the 29-year-old president of the Trichome Institute, is “on a weed hunting mission.”

Montrose’s quest involves locating proper samples of cannabis to teach the stu... Read More

Why this year's flu is worse and how to help prevent the spread

(NEW YORK) -- The flu has ramped up early this year and is rapidly spreading across the country, with widespread flu activity in 46 states, according to the latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

"This is a feature of this ... Read More

Injured skier finds new calling in foundation that helps athletes like him

(RENO, Nev.) -- When Roy Tuscany visits spinal-cord injury patients and others who've suffered life-altering injuries, he shares with them his perspective on life that has helped propel him through his own dark days.

"It'll never be the sa... Read More

Big brother comforts sick baby sister in adorable video

(HAUGHTON, La.) -- If there's one wish most parents have in common, it's that their children will always be there for each other.

For mom Danielle Davis, her two little ones are off to a terrific start.

When her daughter wasn't ... Read More

WHO to classify 'gaming disorder' as a mental health condition

(GENEVA) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) is one step closer to classifying obsessive video game playing as an official mental health condition.

The eleventh edition of the... Read More