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Republican strategists say Democrats virtually certain to win House in 2018

(WASHINGTON) -- Republican strategists have turned decidedly pessimistic about their prospects for the 2018 midterm elections.

Prominent Republicans are now saying privately that Democrats are virtually certain to win control of the House ... Read More

Civil rights legend Representative John Lewis says he thinks Trump 'is a racist'

(NEW YORK) -- Responding to President Donald Trump’s reported “s---hole countries” comment in an Oval Office meeting on immigration, Democratic Representative John Lewis, a leader in the civil rights movement who marched alongside D... Read More

Panic over false missile alert shows US must 'absolutely and immediately' talk to North Korea: Congresswoman

(NEW YORK) -- A Hawaii congresswoman said the false alert of a missile attack in her state shows the need to try to lessen the chance of nuclear warfare.

“Nuclear attack is not a game,” Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said to ABC... Read More

Arpaio not surprised by erroneous Hawaiian missile alert, points to state's handling of 'phony' Obama birth certificate

(PHOENIX) -- Arizona Senate candidate Joe Arpaio, the controversial former sheriff of Maricopa County and an outspoken "birther," said Saturday he is not surprised that Hawaiians received an erroneous emergency mobile alert about an imminent ballisti... Read More

FBI vets: What many are missing about the infamous 'dossier' amid Russia probe

(WASHINGTON) -- The infamous "dossier" alleging collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government is filled with inflammatory, uncorroborated and in some cases clearly false claims made by unidentified sources — so much so that a longti... Read More

What Trump's 's---hole' comments could mean for travel ban 3.0

(WASHINGTON) -- As President Donald Trump’s words are being widely condemned, some legal experts believe that the “s---hole” remark could also impact his case for the travel ban.

But given his previous call for a “M... Read More

Chelsea Manning files to run for US Senate

(WASHINGTON) -- Chelsea Manning, a transgender former U.S. Army soldier imprisoned for seven years after being convicted of leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks, has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland as a Democrat.
Read More

Doctor declares Trump is in 'excellent health' after physical

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump was declared to be in "excellent health" after undergoing a physical on Friday.

The president's physician issued a brief statement Friday evening, adding that more details about the results would be r... Read More

Trump ignores uproar over 's---hole' remarks as he honors Martin Luther King Jr.

(WASHINGTON) -- One day after President Donald Trump's reported remark about immigrants from Haiti and other "s---hole countries" reignited talk of whether he harbors racist beliefs, the president signed a proclamation honoring civil rights icon Mart... Read More

Five times Trump was accused of making racially tinged comments

(WASHINGTON) -- The current controversy over President Donald Trump’s racially tinged comments in a discussion about immigration from Haiti and African nations marks the latest in a series of comments made by the president that critics have cha... Read More

Trump denies saying 'anything derogatory about Haitians' after 's---hole countries' remark

(WASHINGTON) -- In the wake of a firestorm sparked by President Donald Trump's comments on Thursday slamming immigrants from 's---hole' countries, the president weighed in on Twitter denying he used "derogatory" language about Haitians at an Oval Off... Read More

US Ambassador to Panama resigns

(WASHINGTON) -- The US Ambassador to Panama has informed the Trump administration that he is resigning from his post.

John Feeley informed the administration on December 27, 2017 that he would be resigning "for personal reasons, " the State De... Read More

Both Democrat and GOP lawmakers slam Trump's 's---hole' remark

(WASHINGTON) -- It didn't take long for lawmakers on both side of the aisle to react to President Donald Trump's description -- according to multiple sources either briefed on or familiar with Thursday's Oval Office discussion -- of Haiti and African... Read More

WH appears unfazed by Trump's 's---hole' remark

(WASHINGTON) -- After President Donald Trump’s disparaging comments Thursday about immigrants from Haiti, Africa and other “s---hole countries,” White House aides appear unfazed, with some there arguing the remark could actual... Read More