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Trump administration to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa

(NEW YORK) -- The Trump administration plans to allow hunters to import trophies of elephants they killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia back to the United States, reversing a ban put in place by the Obama administration in 2014, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser... Read More

Scientists discover Earth-sized planet that 'could potentially sustain life'

(NEW YORK) -- A newly discovered Earth-sized planet that "could potentially sustain life" is poised to become Earth's closest stellar neighbor in a cosmic "blink of the eye," scientists at the European Southern Observatory announced in a press releas... Read More

Pope Francis sticks with popemobile instead of $200K Lamborghini

(VATICAN CITY) -- Billionaires, get out your checkbooks. A one-of-a-kind Lamborghini -- blessed and signed by Pope Francis -- is coming to auction soon.

The Italian sportscar maker designed and built a special Huracan for the pope, who off... Read More

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe 'confined to his home' as military seizes control

(HARARE, Zimbabwe) -- Zimbabwe's military apparently seized control of the southern African nation overnight, deploying tanks to the capital, taking control of the state-run broadcaster and confining longtime leader Robert Mugabe to his residence.Read More

Another South Korea earthquake more cause for alarm about seismic activity

(SEOUL) -- A magnitude-5.4 earthquake shook southeastern South Korea on Wednesday, marking the largest in the nation since last year’s trembler in nearby Gyeongju.

Today’s earthquake, which caused minor injuries, struck around ... Read More

Fear and paranoia grip Egypt’s LGBT community: ‘I want to be forgotten’

(NEW YORK) -- When the crackdown began, LGBT people across Egypt began dropping off dating apps, stopped meeting friends and charted their escape.

As police in the conservative, Muslim country rounded up dozens of people over the past two ... Read More

China, South Korea grapple with Trump trip effect

(NEW YORK) -- As President Donald Trump returned home Tuesday after a five-nation, 13-day tour of Asia, the region took stock of the lasting effects he left behind.

Here's how the tenuous relationship of the three most powerful countries T... Read More

Senate committee considers Trump's authority to launch nuclear weapons

(WASHINGTON) -- For the first time in 40 years, a Senate committee reviewed the president’s singular authority to launch nuclear weapons — a move which comes amid increased tensions with North Korea.

The Senate Foreign Relation... Read More

Tillerson to visit Myanmar amid violence against Muslim minority

(WASHINGTON) -- Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is heading to Myanmar amid continued hostilities towards Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine province.

His visit comes after spending several days with President Donald Trump at the ... Read More

Well-schooled doctor punches shark in the face to escape attack

(SYDNEY) -- Amateur surfer Charlie Frye is lucky to be alive after punching a shark in the face using a maneuver he once saw a surf champion use, he said.

“I feel [like] there was a hand grabbing me, shaking me. I feel like I was goi... Read More

Innuendo and speculation swirl around resignation of Lebanon's prime minister

(NEW YORK) -- The shocking announcement by Lebanon's prime minister earlier this month that he would step down, followed by a bizarre television interview he gave this week from his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, have generated rumors and innuendo acr... Read More

Over 500 killed, thousands injured in earthquake near Iran-Iraq border

(BAGHDAD) --The death toll in Iran has climbed to 530 after a powerful earthquake struck the Iran and Iraq border region Sunday, Iran's state-run news agency said.

Over 7,400 others in Iran were injured, the IRNA news agency said.

The U... Read More

American investigators visit scene of deadly ambush in Niger

(WASHINGTON) -- U.S. military investigators visited a remote area of northern Niger on Sunday that was the scene of a deadly Oct. 4 ISIS ambush that killed four American soldiers and four Nigerien soldiers.

The U.S. military's investigatio... Read More

A tale of two US delegations at climate talks

(NEW YORK) -- While the world meets in Bonn, Germany, to hammer out the final details of the historic Paris climate accord and lay the path forward on combating climate change, there may be some confusion over who speaks for America.

The T... Read More