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Peggy Philips - Dave Thorell and his banana!

Dave Thorell and His Banana!

People always ask me 'what's it like working with Dave Thorell?' Let me tell you...he's even more fun and interesting in person than the little bit you hear of him on the air - I think that is why people listen, to see what he says next.  But what they don't know, is that for over 30 years, Dave has had a routine, when he gets his water, his daily half donut, the two minutes he has to grab a lunch, a bite size snickers bar about 1:30 and then about 3:00pm his wife Patti comes over from traffic, its like their daily 'date' and they cut a banana in half and enjoy - you can set your watch to him. It makes all of those who know him, work with him and love him -  laugh that he is so predictably ... UNPREDICTABLE...
Peggy Philips - Days of Our Lives

Days of our lives

As sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives...I remember that strong, sturdy voice at the beginning of the soap opera my grandmother watched religiously in the 70's -   I couldn't stand it!  I'd rather go with grandpa and be outdoors doing whatever!  But as time goes by, that annoying television open had so much truth to it - time slips by fast and before you know it, 10, 20, 30 or 50 years have past. Although I cannot suspend time, I hope I take the time to enjoy every second - because even the annoying moments, often hold some of the greatest life lessons.  Peggy Philips KRVN am/fm
Peggy Philips - Priorities

Have you ever felt like the people you care about most, don't have their priorities straight? I have, and its not fun!  To make matters worse, I 'thought'; why am I not important enough or I've tried to figure out how to fix them - big mistake!!! I realized the only thing I have control over is 'me' and 'my' thinking.  I decided when someone I care for disregards me... it really has nothing to do with me - its THEIR issue!

If you've had people who you care for and they don't care back - maybe do yourself a favor this year; don't let their actions or opinions drown your mind into thinking you aren't worthy of care and make yourself a priority. Peggy Philips KRVN am/fm
Peggy Philips - 'Why Worry'

Why worry ???

I've heard from people who care "Peggy, you worry too much." their right!  When I just sit back, relax, live in the moment - life is great BUT when I stew about 'what if, why or what were they thinking,' life is well...not so much fun.  I saw this pic above on FB and I thought that it was perfect timing for some things I worried about. This pic reminded me that life is pretty darn good today and in this moment. Although I realize rough times will happen and they have... trust me!  I need to take the advice of one of my closest friends, my 'boyfriend' who always tells me; 'it'll be alright,' and 'keep it simple.' (no, the pic above is not my boyfriend 'my man' is better looking :) Hope this helps if your worried about something today. Peggy Philips KRVN am/fm
Peggy Philips - The underdog with no quit

During cross country season in college, once a month we had to run hills. I dreaded it because they were steep, tough and I was naturally a sprinter..  I wasn't the fastest on the team but I knew; a team is only as tough as its weakest link...all I could offer was my best and never give up.  At the end of the season, one of  my coaches credited me, in-part, for the national championship we took home.  She said they needed my speed for short drills and my no quit attitude to drive the lead runners (who had more physical endurance) to dig for more.

Yep...I'm "that gal" who usually is the underdog in all I do, but I'm the underdog with no quit!  I'm not the most talented, gifted etc. but I'm willing to go the distance to see what the journey offers and what the finish line feels like...I've found; win, lose or draw - its always worth it. If this coming year you have a goal, I would encourage you, that if in your power to it - I never met someone who regretted their finish.
The River's Edge: Six Market Blvd. to break up

Nashville, TN(   -  Nationally recognized Six Market Blvd. announced today that the band will take an indefinite hiatus in 2014after a long successful five year run.  Fans will have a chance to see them off at their bon voyage performance at City Limits in their hometown of Stephenville, Texas on February 28th.

Six Market Blvd. formed at Tarleton University in Stephenville back in 2009 and went on to crest the upper echelon of the Texas music scene with their latest record SHAKE IT DOWN (May 2012) on Nashville-based Vision Entertainment with two Top 10 singles on the Texas Music Chart.  Quickly attracting a national following, the record instantly debuted at #42 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart, #22 on the HeatseekersChart, #1 on the Heatseekers Regional South Central Chart and #5 on the iTunes Country Chart.   Their eclectic mix of Americana roots combined with lead singer Clayton Landua’s soaring vocals gained them rave reviews in premier outlets including the Huffington Post, Country Weekly Magazine, Billboard’s The 615 Blog and Texas Music Magazine to name a few. The swelling attention caught the ears of Thirty Tigers via SONY RED Distribution who re-released the record nationally in November2012.

The shocking news of the hiatus is a great upset to the band’s widespread fan base, but cannot be helped. Lead singer Clayton Landua feels that his calling in life is taking a new direction and that he needs to explore some new opportunities.  “What an amazing run this has been for the past fiveyears. The will and determination from everyone that has been involved with Six Market Blvd. is unforgettable and will be remembered with thankfulness and gratitude. Everyone on our business team, and without a doubt the amazing fans and friends, all hold a tight connection to what has taken place for this music group from the start.  THANK YOU ALL. I am simply wanting to go in a different direction in my life and it is certain that the good Lord above is playing a major role in this. Many opportunities come to mind as far as turning my music to the direction of ministry and whatever can come from it. I’m looking forward to the changes to come and seeing my family more often who have been so supportive of Six Market Blvd. over the years.”

Ben Hussey, bass player, vocalist and one of the primary songwriters of the band is saddened by the sudden break, but is looking forward to a brand new year of brand new music from the remaining band members. “Iwould like to thank all of our friends, family and fans for the past five years of continuous support, and a very special ‘thank you’ to our manager Nick Hammond for dealing with our shit. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without all of you. We have always agreed to do whatever is necessary to keep each other happy in our pursuits, and if that means exploring other opportunities, then out of respect for each other so be it. Red, Josh, and myself are going to move forward playing music togetherand working on a new project. Exciting things are coming for and from us. Much love to you all and please keep supporting live music.”

Peggy Philips - It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life

Here is a familiar scene from one of the most popular Christmas movie's... 'It's a Wonderful Life'.  For those who have never seen this Christmas classic - its about a man (George) who was at the end of his rope (so to speak) and received a rare glimpse of ALL he had. Although nothing changed about George's circumstances of life, it changed his perspective and he realized the wonderful life he had.

I may not know you or all your circumstances but I hope for Christmas this year, God gives you what George was given... a reminder of all the wonderful things in life you have.  Merry Christmas!
Adam In The Afternoon: Ray Price

The impact that Ray Price had on country music is simply amazing.  Ray Benson does a great job describing Price‘s contributions in this video.

Read more about the late Ray Price on the Music Page.
Adam In The Afternoon: Brandy Clark, the story behind "Stripes"

Drive At Five - West Jet Santa surprises passengers

West Jet Gift Surprise

This is a great story - click the title to see how these passengers from Toronto to Ontario got the flight of their life...well, at least a really cool surprise after the flight! 
Peggy Philips - Bundle up and Stay Warm

Bundle up and Stay Warm...

The famous words of my mother 'Bundle up and stay warm'.  As a teenage girl, I thought "oh sure, and look ridiculous...not happening!" Telling my teenage boys the same this morning - I thought; "oh boy, I sound like my mom!"  But you know what, she was right.  Bundling up and staying warm is better than being fashionable frozen. 
Stoney LaRue at Shooters
Peggy Philips - 'you'll shoot your eye out'

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

I love this sequence in the movie 'A Christmas Story'!  A classic case of worried adults (well, maybe because we see the big picture) and the dashed dreams of a kid who just wants a new adventure!  click the title above to see the clip ;)

Peggy Philips - Giving Up this Thanksgiving

'Giving Up' This Thanksgiving!

For some, Thanksgiving day, is a time for family, football, food and friends. For others, its a time of great anxiety or avoidance - I've been both at some time or another.  This year, I made a decision; I'm going to 'give-up' on what I wished I had or the people I miss. I'm going to think about what is and be thankful...good, bad or ugly.  Heck, who knows, 'giving up' this Thanksgiving, may be the best choice I've made in a while - I'll let you know how it goes! In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving!!!
Fun & Games Department: The Damn Quails at Shooters.

Listen Monday for a chance to win a spot on The River's VIP guest list to see The Damn Quails at Shooters in Kearney on Saturday, November 30th.  Here's a chance to hear their music, and learn more about the band!

Peggy Philips - When it rains, it pours!

When it rains in life...sometimes, it seems to pour!

I have a picture frame in my bathroom that says; 'life is not waiting for the rain to pass, its learning to dance in the rain.' Lately, there has been one bad circumstance after another, financial, kids, vehicle...I know I'm not the only one and it's not the end of the world, but sometimes it 'feels' like it. I've decided that when life pours with difficulty, I have an opportunity to step back and evaluate my choices, learn and take one moment at a time or 'freak out' - it just seems like a better option to enjoy the rain - took me 42 years to learn but better late, than never. 
Peggy Philips - Nebraska Football Without the Fans...

What would football in Nebraska be like, without the fans?

Whether it is Pee Wee, high school or college - proud friends gather together as a team! We fry or freeze ourselves on the bleachers to see what life unfolds on the field. Victory or defeat; it stirs our emotions, as the pressure of circumstance 'snap' on the brings uncommon people together, with a 'hope' that something great will happen.  Without the fans, what would Nebraska football be like?
Peggy Philips - 'Feeln' the time change!

Time change - you 'feeln' it?

I woke up Sunday, a little more rested so, I helped clean the yard (have a few slivers I'm nursing), rearranged the house, cleaned, did the laundry and took in a movie....UGH, I am dragging this morning. They say the time change will effect your body up to three days - wish my brain would have remembered to give me the memo before I went gung ho but I bet I'm not the only one 'feel'n' it.

Peggy Philips - Halloween when I was a kid

When I was a kid on Halloween...

A pillow case, the biggest one I could find, a great costume - no sense in being hap hazard about it and being the first out, guaranteed a good 'score' of candy for the night.  I remember 100's of kids going door to door, gettn' a strategy for 'the best' houses to hit.  Back then, you only quit when your pillowcase was too heavy to carry. Then, we'd go home, dump our candy on the floor and swap ...those were the days! 

Adam In The Afternoon: We Were Us

Miranda Lambert performed the song "We Were Us" with Keith Urban at his show in Oklahoma City over the weekend.  Couldn't be there?  Here's the video!

Peggy Philips - Best web-sites for scholarships

Best web-sites for scholarships!

This weekend my boyfriend's daughter was looking on-line for college scholarships.  One of which was to write an essay about zombies - I thought... with hundreds of thousands of dollars for college money, I'd share a link that 'The Bottom Line' did for top five best sites for college Scholarships.

My Mom - Breast Cancer Survivor

My Mom - Breast Cancer Survivor

by Peggy Philips

My mom above, with five of her girls, (I'm far right) signing "I love you" a gesture she gave us all and every time she did, I knew she meant it. My mom didn't grow up easy but she always was the mainstay of care, adventure and affection - something I cherish everyday. So, when I got a call a little over a year ago; 'Peggy, I have breast cancer' it made everything I was worried about or was doing come to an abrupt halt! In the days to follow my mom underwent a complete double mastectomy, chemo, Dr.'s visits, loss of her hair, change of her body and mind to fight this deadly disease.  My mom made it...without ever a complaint, with strength (I know in part for all us girls) and dignity. opened my heart to appreciate others who have had to fight the battle - I'm proud of you mom and so glad you are a breast cancer survivor. Lovingly, Peg 

Adam In The Afternoon: Worlds Laziest

Here's the video of the postal worker we talked about this afternoon.  I'm not sure why she even bothered to get out of the truck!


- Picture Perfect - 

by Peggy Philips

 I have an hour commute to and from work everyday.  One of the things I enjoy the most, is watching the sunrise over these Nebraska fields. The picture above is a common scene for me - it makes me want to take a warm cup of coffee, my bible and a blanket -  plop down, lean up against a fence post and take it all in. Although, I live near these rolling hills and seen thousands of sunrises; I never have taken that moment - before the end of this year, I want to and hope its as picture perfect, as I imagined. Hopefully, I don't sit down on a cow patty or have some smelly skunk mess up my moment.
Adam in the Afternoon: Jason Boland & The Stragglers at Shooters