Jayson Jorgensen
I don't get it

In the aftermath of  Nebraska's third straight bowl loss to Georgia earlier this week, I'm a little surprised to hear how many people are just fine with where NU football sits these days. I guess these fans missed the four losses this year where the team allowed 53 ppg. I guess they missed the Big Ten Title game where the Huskers where torn apart by a team that had lost 5 games and nearly lost to Utah State at home. All I hear is wait till next year. Isn't that what we have heard since 1999 which happens to be the last year NU won a conference title? I'm not saying Coach Bo should be fired, but to just accept things baffles me. The Huskers missed a golden opportunity to win a conference title this year, while Ohio State and Penn State were on probation. I'm hearing the schedule is easier next year. Really? NU still has road trips to Michigan and Penn State next season. UCLA at home will also be a major test.  This off season will interesting for the Huskers. Hopefully, the staff can close strongly this recruiting season, the Huskers could certainly use the help.

Kearney and Lexington no more in varsity basketball

If you haven't heard Lexington and Kearney will no longer play in the the regular season in Girls and Boys varsity basketball in the future. Kearney and North Platte have dropped Lexington from the schedule so they can pursue playing an all Class A schedule. I for one am sad to see the games with Kearney go by the wayside. Granted there were some blowouts but many times those games were tightly contested. Over the 15 years I have worked at KRVN the Lexington Minutemaids have won more than they have lost to the Bearcats. In an era of higher gas prices and shrinking school budgets I don't know why you wouldn't just play a conference school that sits 40 miles down the road? Lexington was able to replace Kearney and North Platte with Kearney Catholic and Phillipsburg on its schedule for next year.

Random Thoughts

As a life long Denver Broncos Fan its great to see the Peyton Manning thing working out. The problem is unless Denver finds a way to secure home field advantage I can't see them beating New England in the playoffs. Manning's track record against Tom Brady in the playoffs is not good. 

Last week folks were pretty fired up over the Nebraska men's basketball team. Then the game with Creighton came and went. I still think Tim Miles is doing a great job with what he has to work with. Creighton game is a preview of what lies ahead for the Huskers when Big Ten play arrives. Scoring points will be tough. I hope I'm wrong on this one. 

Before the season Lexington wrestling coach Joey Morrison told me he expected a good season out of his crew. So far Lexington is having a very good start to the season with second place finishes at the Holdrege and Cozad invites. This week they travel to Sidney.

Huskers and other things

It was sad and shocking to see NU lose the way the did against Wisconsin in the Big Ten title football game. I will admit I didn't see that one coming. I don't like the match up for the Huskers against Georgia in Capital One Bowl. If NU struggles in that one, all of the good will of a 10 win season will be flushed out the window for Head Coach Bo Pelini. I think the calls for him to be fired are laughable, yet the struggles in big games are a concern. Prime time blowouts don't help recruiting either an area his coaching staff has struggled in.

In high school sports, its nice to see the Lexington boys get off to a good start. First time in 5 years they have opened up the year with wins over Gothenburg and Ogallala to go to 2-0. Big test on Tuesday night at Minden. The Whippets are really quick and guard Issac Carlson scored 37 points against Ogallala last Saturday. We will have the games for you on 93.1 KRVN FM and krvn.com. Girls game at 6pm, boys game at 7:45.

My take on NU football and other things

I think the clock has started on Bo Pelini and if he is the long range answer as head coach at NU. Chancellor Harvey Pearlman's decision not to get Tom Osborne's blessing on the hiring of Shawn Eichorst speaks volumes. After 5 years Pelini appears to just be spinning his wheels. NU will probably find a way to win 9 games again but when they go up against elite competition they get blasted. It looks as if NU will have a hard time ever beating Ohio State for the Big Ten title as long as Urban Meyer is there. Throw in the things Michigan is doing and NU's 12 year drought without a conference title in football may get even longer. Eichorst will hold a press conference on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see how he answers the questions about what he expects out of the football program.  In other news, we will have FKC volleyball tournament for you this week on 93.1 KRVN FM. Semis Tuesday, Finals and Third place match on Thursday. Also, we have State Softball on Wednesday on KRVN.com "The Stream" as Gothenburg takes on Arlington. Game is at 3pm. We will follow the Swedes as far as they go.

I'm back

Forgive me for not posting in a while. I promise to post on a regular basis in the future. If there is something you would like to have discussed give me a shout at jjorgensen@krvn.com. I would love to hear your opinions on what we can do with this blog.  We have two football games for you this Friday on KRVN.
Overton travels to Elm Creek. Each team has lost to Arapahoe who is unbeaten. Coverage at 6:35pm on 93.1 KRVN FM.  Lexington who picked up its first win of the season last Friday, travels to Holdrege. The Dusters have also won just one game this year. Coverage at 6:35pm on AM 880 KRVN. Next week we will be carrying the Semifinals and Final of the FKC tournament on 93.1 KRVN FM. Overton, Elm Creek, Axtell and Elwood have been the top teams this year. Also if we have team's representing the area at the State Softball tourney we will bring that to you on krvn.com "The Stream" next week.

Upsets are fun to watch, when you have nothing on the line

I know I'm in the minority here but not filling out an NCAA bracket has been enjoyable for me. When the upsets started to hit on Friday night I sat back and enjoyed them. I didn't have to worry about taking big hits on my bracket when Missouri, and Duke fell. When Ohio knocked off Michigan I was cool with it. Although,  the Bearcats run to the Sweet 16 will make it harder for NU to land John Groce as head coach if he is on Tom Osborne's radar.  Impressive run for the Big Ten which has put 4 teams into the Sweet 16. It was regarded as the best league during the regular season and that has proven out to be true! So let the upsets continue and just set back and enjoy the madness.
Doc Sadler decision

Let me be the latest person to weigh in on the Doc Sadler issue. I can certainly understand why many feel he should and will be replaced after this year. Six years is certainly more than enough time to get things turned around. Granted Doc has had some bad luck but in the end this is a results based world. Saturday's big win over Illinois was nice but it probably comes too late to do him much good. Now if the Huskers start to play better down the stretch that may make the decision tougher. I remember interviewing him right after he got the job and everybody thought things would be a lot better. While there have been some high points, in the end its year six and NU is no closer to the NCAA tourney than they were when he took over. New facilities have been built and the new arena is on the way. If NU does make a change I hope they give Greg Marshall at Wichita State a call. He has done a great job with the Shockers. The hard part is unlike other prominent coaches at NU, Doc is easy to get a hold of and you can actually get a chance to interview him if you are part of the out state media. Its too bad it looks like it isn't going to work out.

Good for Cozad

The Cozad boys basketball team won again on Thursday night downing Gothenburg 39-37. It was the first win for the Haymakers over the Swedes in boys basketball since 2000. There have certainly some dark years for this program but things seem to be headed in the right direction. After going 0-21 last year they are 5-5 this season and ended the game the other night with four sophomores and a freshmen on the court. First year head coach Brian Davis has done a good job getting them to come together and to compete. This could certainly be an interesting team to watch the rest of this year and most certainly in the year's to come.


I don't know about your office or place of work but the major topic Tuesday at KRVN was the Huskers. Not a lot of positives following Monday's loss to South Carolina. I guess the biggest gripe is seeing the team lose another game due to mistakes and penalties. That seems to be a theme for Coach Pelini's teams in big games. Nebraska did win 9 games this year which is nice, but remember when the year started? People were talking Big Ten title and possible national title game. Of course that didn't happen and NU ends the year losing to a nice South Carolina team that was playing without its starting quarterback and tailback. Hopefully, the coaching staff can have a good run to finish out the recruiting season. NU is not expected to have a big class due to numbers but maybe they can fill some holes for the program. Next year Nebraska will start the year with a home game against Southern Miss and a road game at UCLA. Should make for an interesting start of 2012.

Merry Christmas from KRVN sports

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We appreciate you listening to KRVN AM & FM and checking out our website. We are looking forward to 2012. We will start up our coverage of high school basketball on KRVN FM on Jan 3rd when Cozad hosts Holdrege in a girls and boys double header. We will also have plenty of Husker basketball on AM 880 both the NU women and men are set to begin Big Ten play after the holidays. The Men host Wisconsin on Dec 27th, while the Women begin the Big ten schedule on Dec 30th at Penn State.


Add me to the list of people who aren't exactly counting down the minutes before this year's BCS title game between LSU and Alabama. I feel it is very unfair that LSU has to turn around after already beating the Crimson Tide at their place in the regular season and do it all over again. While I would agree Alabama's loss to LSU is better than Oklahoma State losing to Iowa State I still think the Cowboys should have received a chance to battle the Tigers. Of course every year  we have this tired old discussion on who should be in the game and nothing is ever fixed. It is really a sorry way to end the college football season, but there appears to be no end in sight.

Another long Saturday

Remember when it was fun to watch Nebraska football? You know the good ole days when on most Saturday's Nebraska came out on top or at least didn't beat themselves. Those days are long gone from this program. Saturday's loss at mediocre Michigan was just another example of NU's struggles under coach Bo Pelini. Heading into his final regular season game against Iowa on Friday the Huskers don't appear to be much closer to a conference title, let alone a national title then they were when he took over for Bill Callahan four years ago. Saturday's loss at Michigan was just another example of the Huskers coming up short. Special teams blunders, and lack of playmakers on defense and offense took its toll again as NU was torn apart 45-17. Can they please recruit some receivers that can catch the ball? Under Pelini the Huskers appear to be becoming just another version of Iowa. Long on hype, short on big wins. Getting up for just one big game and beating Michigan State isn't enough. Safe to say the first year of being in the Big Ten has been a disaster for the Huskers. Saturday's loss at Michigan looked a lot like the Wisconsin game didn't it? A team that was picked to win its division will finish no better than third. Get used to more long painful Saturday's in the years to come. If they lose to Iowa on Friday, Athletic director Tom Osborne needs to ask some tough hard questions about the future of this program.

UNK to host regional tourney

The UNK volleyball team is hosting the Central Region tournament this Thursday through Saturday in Kearney. On Thursday morning on 7:40 on AM 880 KRVN coach Rick Squires will join us on KRVN on morning news.