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Oliver 1900 FWA Project

Hey all!  I'm filling in for Mike LePorte on the network most of this week so I'm getting a head-start on the blog.  Hope you had a very blessed Easter and were able to think about the great gift which Sunday symbolizes.

Just a quick entry this week.  Our friend Charlie Linder of Loomis sent me a quick picture of a recent purchase which he calls a "new project".  He wouldn't offer up any more details (believe me I tried), but it looks to be a 1900 Oliver Diesel with FWA. Possibly a Detroit Diesel.  We'll get some more info as he makes progress.  Charlie already has the cab off as he begins to work on it.

Send us your projects or finished products!  I would imagine as the weather gets warmer you are out and about having fun with your toys.  Send us your pics to the addresses above. Until next week! - Joe

Sunday May 4th-  Tractor drive at Max, Nebraska.  1:00 P.M. MDST  Call Jim Russell 308-289-6135 for details.
Saturday, May 31st-  Antique Tractor Show at Arnold, Ne. Mills Hardware. Call 308-848-2515.
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
June 13-14, Great Nebraska Tractor Ride-KTIC Radio-Wayne, Ne 402-372-5423 RIDE IS FULL! 
June 26-28-Red Power Roundup, South Dakota State Fairgrounds, Huron, SD.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.
Larsen Tractor Test Museum

Hello iron lovers! What a weekend weather-wise, huh?  70's on Saturday and a blizzard on Sunday here in Central Nebraska. I hope many of you take some time to send us entries for our tractor blog.  My email/mail box here at KRVN is feeling unloved.  We'd love to feature your tractor!  Addresses are above on this page.

I hope you had a chance to visit the Open House at the Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum on Saturday.  It looked like a wonderful time!  They are making some improvements to the museum according to UNL.  "Since becoming the manager of exhibits in 2012, Lance Todd has organized an update of the East Campus museum. The new direction -- which includes a mission to showcase tractors that were innovative and/or actually tested at the UNL facility -- has allowed Todd to open up the museum's limited space and advance an industrialized design theme.

"In my first year here, my goal was to figure out what we have in the museum's collection that is important and better define the mission of the museum," Todd said. "Now, we are working to feature the important stories this museum should tell, showcasing things you will not see at other ag-related museums."
The updated mission is on display in a new exhibit that showcases an SC-Case tractor tested at UNL and an Oliver 60 with a unique decorative design. The exhibit shows both tractors as if they were stored for many years in a grassy area behind a barn -- a realistic setting that breaks from the museum's traditional display of tractors parked inside the historic Nebraska Tractor Test building.
"The Oliver from the 1940s is one of the earliest models that features a stylish, modern design. It really wasn't until the late 1970s that other tractor designs became similar," Todd said. "The Case tractor was one that was officially tested and stayed at UNL. It became a utility tractor that was used for many, many campus projects."
Thanks to Troy Fedderson of UNL for that write-up.  Below is a photo of one of the upgraded displays.  The museum is located Northeast of 35th and Fair Streets on UNL's East Campus. Their hours are Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday's from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Admission is free but they accept donations.  See you next week!  And, don't forget to listen for "Talkin' Tractors" with Joe and Dave on 880 Radio. - Joe

Photo: Troy Fedderson, UNL

Tractor Test Car Display at Museum. Courtesy of UNL

Sunday May 4th-  Tractor drive at Max, Nebraska.  1:00 P.M. MDST  Call Jim Russell 308-289-6135 for details.
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
June 26-28-Red Power Roundup, South Dakota State Fairgrounds, Huron, SD.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.
Menn Collection Auction

Hey tractor lovers! I can tell you I had a blast last week at a classic collector auction and just had to share some photos on our blog.  (By the way, we still need fresh entries for our Tractor of the Week so keep on sending in photos)

I had a chance to attend the Menn Classic John Deere Auction in Fremont, Ne last and boy did we see some great classic JD tractors, literature, toys and various collectibles. Roger & Debbie Menn had been collecting for quite some time and were auctioning off quite a bit of their collection.  I won't go into price detail on what things sold for.  You can find that on the Girard Auction website if you do a search.  I can tell you I was sitting next to a collector from Indiana who paid over $70,000 on 3 tractors.  Selling was everything from a 3020D High-Crop Powershift to a 4020 LP Standard Powershift.  The biggest draw was probably the three 2520 Diesel Powershifts with consecutive serial numbers!  They ended up selling as sisters and brought a nice price. Also among the featured items was a 4020 Syncro with FWA. I would say there were some bargains if you did some hunting.  Kicking myself I didn't bid on a couple more than I did.  But, as a friend says, "welcome to the auction"!  I'll quit talking and leave you with some photos.  See you next week! - Joe

Sunday May 4th-  Tractor drive at Max, Nebraska.  1:00 P.M. MDST  Call Jim Russell 308 289 6135 for details.
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
June 26-28-Red Power Roundup, South Dakota State Fairgrounds, Huron, SD.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.

Intercontinental Tractors

Hello iron lovers.  We need some good entries for our blog once again.  My apologies to Howard Uhrich for misplacing his photos of several Farmall's.  With my transition back to the radio station, they were lost in the shuffle!  I'll keep looking.   Please consider emailing or standard mailing me photos of your classic machines tot he addresses above. In the meantime, on with some old iron!

In my search for some history this weekend, I came across Intercontinental tractors.  Seems like lots of folks were manufacturing machines post-WWII.  The following exerts came from Gas Engine Magazine.

 In 1948, Harold J. Silver, a New York business man with connections in Argentina, had obtained a firm order for 3000 tractors there and had a letter of credit guaranteeing payment as soon as they were delivered dockside. The tractors were to be made of components from various sources, including Nateco (National Equipment Company of Texas) tractor base, a Continental Motors Company engine, and a Timken Company transaxle assembly. The bad news was that it was now May, and the contract required delivery by January 1, 1949. Any delay and the sales would probably be lost to established manufacturers. Silver went in search of a supplier. The Republic National Bank of Dallas referred him to Robert F. Yonash, who had listed himself as a business consultant with the bank. Silver hired Yonash to attend a meeting of the project participants to get things organized. The meeting was in a hotel. When Bob got to the room, the meeting participants were yelling at each other so loudly that they couldn’t hear him knocking on the door. Finally, he got in and got things calmed down. When he started asking questions, he found out that there was a mixture of languages in the room, and no one person had enough languages to talk to the entire room. Several people had two or more, so they had to translate for the others.

This meeting eventually led to the tractor that was the foundation for the Intercontinental Manufacturing Company (IMCO). Bob thought it ought to be worth a fat fee to pull this deal out of the fire and turn out a finished product with fairly high volume in seven months. The Intercontinental Manufacturing Company, which at that point existed only in a briefcase, didn't disagree, but their doubts that it could be done were apparent when they scaled back Bob' s salary request and offered him $5 for each tractor delivered on time instead.

Bob managed to get commitments from the suppliers, and then arranged with the Texas Engineering & Manufacturing Company (TEMCO) to do the assembly at its Garland, Texas facility. By October production was flowing smoothly, another 1500 tractors had been sold to Brazil, and the Intercontinental Manufacturing Company was off and running with Silver as President and Yonash as V.P. of Production.

IMCO also produced a diesel version of the tractor, powered by a Buda Engine Co. engine. This was Models D-E and D-F.

Thanks for looking! We'll see you next week! - Joe

Photo: iowahillgal

1955 Oliver Super 77

Hey, gang.  The Johnson's from Wilcox, Ne are back this week with their latest restoration project. Heather is the official computer wizard for the Johnson clan so she sent me the pictures.  She tells me this little beauty came with factory fender extensions which are very rare.

Jeremiah and Steve switched out the narrow front-end in favor of a wide-front.  They also added a three-point.  I asked her about the red wheels vs the green wheels like some from that era came with.  She says when the Super series came out, Oliver becan painting the wheels green.  But, farmer owners began complaining that they liked the red better.  So, Oliver went back to the red wheels until the next series when they changed to the meadow green and clover white colors.

Heather says she sent me quite a few pictures to show how they really go to a lot of work when they restore tractors. They certainly do!  Thanks, Heather for sending us your latest project!

If you would like to share your latest venture, (and I know some of you have been busy this past winter) please send me some photos to one of the addresses above.  See you next time! - Joe

1968 John Deere 112 lawn tractor w/ snow blade

Hello, gang.  I need to apologize to Tim Lucas.  He submitted these pics to me last month and with my transition back to the radio station, the posting got pushed back a little bit.

Tim says his '68 JD 112 mower with blade isn't big but certainly gets the job done.  It has a 12 h.p. Tecumseh motor.  He's owned it since 1990.  I told Tim hopefully these pictures of him pushing snow will bring warmer temperatures.  Enjoy these photos of him pushing snow and be glad it isn't you!  Click on the pictures for a closer look.

If you have a classic tractor still in use, for field or yard use, pass them along to us at the addresses above!  We always need fresh entries. - Joe

May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.

1955 Ferguson TO-35 "Green Belly"

Hello tractor fans! We've got some good entries coming in. This week is no exception.  Larry Holmberg from the Riverton, Ne area sent in this very rare Ferguson tractor he found in Tennessee.

I asked Larry about the green paint job since most Ferguson's were painted grey and blue.  Larry told me these "green belly" Ferguson TO-35's were made for a limited time from Dec 1954 to March of 1955.  Most of them were repainted by the dealers to give them a more modern look as they grew older. Larry found this one on the internet and it was repainted silver and red. When he got it home, he sandblasted it and did the re-paint to it's original grey and dark green colors.  Larry also added new rubber to top-off the restoration. It's amazing how the internet has revolutionized tractor collecting. Larry adds "It sure make you drive further."  I'll agree with that.

If you have driven several miles for a tractor or have one you've restored from your family operation, we'd love to see it!  Just send me photos from the addresses above and we'll feature it on Tractor of the Week. - Joe

May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.
Dual Farmall H

Hi gang.  Howard Uhrich of Shelton, Ne likes to dabble a little bit when it comes to classic Farmall tractors. Well, he likes to dabble a lot! Thanks to Howard for helping us out on some entries to keep us going the next few weeks.

First up is a 2-engine H which Howard modified in the 1990's.  He says he saw some modified F-20's in a collector magazine that belonged to Harry Lee of Indiana.  One of his tractors had two engines side-by-side and another had 3 engines.  "I thought it would be fun to have a 2-engine H and I wanted to put the extra engine in front.  Each engine has it's own radiator and guages in the hood", says Howard.

Howard said there is a clutch in between the motors which enables it to be driven with just the back motor if desired.  "R.E. Mead Shop in Wood River did the welding for me and made the motor mounts for the front motor and also made the clutch linkage.  It works very well."  Howard says he used it in parades and took it to the Nebraska State Fair & Husker Harvest Days in 2010.  Thanks again, Howard! More from him in the coming weeks. - Joe

March 2nd-Toy & Craft Show w/ Swap Meet. 9a-3p, St. Libory, Ne. 308-379-2581
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.

Barn Find McCormick-Deering 3-Bottom Plow

Hello, all!  Before me move on to this week's cool barn find from Steve Johnson at Wilcox, I have a bit of news to share.  I will be moving back to work at KRVN Radio and the Rural Radio Network in the Farm Broadcast department full-time next week.  Excited to be talking to a lot of you on the air once again!  Now, on to this week's item.

As I mentioned, Steve from Wilcox shared this McCormick-Deering 3-bottom plow with me and was very excited to say it was a "barn find". Steve says he found out this old gentleman neighbor wanted to sell it and when he went to look at it, the dirt had swallowed part of it up past the wheels.  Most items do that the longer they sit in the dirt. However, it still has original paint except for where the Johnson's repainted the wheels. He told me it must have been used one or two seasons before being parked in the barn.  Can you imagine Steve's excitement seeing it with original paint?

If you have an old tractor or piece of machinery you are proud of, email me some pictures to the link above or standard mail it to the KRVN P.O. Box address.  We'd love to feature it! - Joe

March 2nd-Toy & Craft Show w/ Swap Meet. 9a-3p, St. Libory, Ne. 308-379-2581
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.

Oliver 880 On It's Heels

Hello, everyone!  We are back this week and I'm happy to report our latest contributor has loaded me up with a couple of items to keep us blogging through next week.  So a special shout-out to the Johnson family of Wilcox for sharing these photos with me.

I wasn't sure what to make of these next photos when the Johnson's sent them. I was thinking, "There has to be a story behind this little mishap!"  And of course there was.  Once I called Steve Johnson, he told me his grandpa, Oscar A. Johnson, was putting on anhydrous on one of his farms north of Holdrege about 1960.  A bolt broke on the hitch of his 880 Oliver gas burner and up went the front end of the tractor!  Steve told me he was surprised his grandpa took the time to take a couple snapshots of what happened.  We both agreed how lucky he was NOT to have the tractor tip back over on him.

Steve also told me this particular tractor dyno'd higher than any other tractor that dealership had seen.  But, being a gas burner, it burned way too much fuel for his grandpa's liking so they had find a more economical tractor for their farm. 

Coming up next week is a nice barn find implement that belongs to the Johnson's.  Until next week, keep sending those entries to the addresses above!  We love these old vintage photos of tractors in action.-Joe

March 2nd-Toy & Craft Show w/ Swap Meet. 9a-3p, St. Libory, Ne. 308-379-2581 
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.
1939 Farmall B

Sorry we are a little late this week, but our buddy Joe Herndon from Gothenburg notified me yesterday he had an entry coming for me this week and here it is! 

I had a chance to see Joe's collection of small Farmall tractors at our tractor show last Labor Day Weekend. Joe says, "This project started by my need to have another B.  I used to have a B when I farmed, but sold (it) when I sold my equipment. I've always regreted getting rid of it. So the search
began in November of 2012. I purchased this B at auction in Cozad from the Maack family.  When I brought it home, my neighbor Marc Bartlett stopped by to check it out. He mentioned that he had his Grampa's B sitting in old grainery which had not ran for 5 plus years They had quit using it because of broken pto shaft. He wished he had known I was looking for one."

"I didn't take him serious at the time about selling his until March when I decided I would like to have it as a project.  So, I made a deal with Marc and the last week of April we pulled it over to my shop. Marc kinda laughed and said he would give me until sundown to have it running. Just 15
minutes, some fresh gas and three cranks with the crank and it was running!  One thing that caught my eye was the grill I've not seen on too many B's.  I have my idea on this, but will let the readers have their opinions."

"The first picture was taken last week of April 2013. The finished picture was taken after I was done painting and installing decals the first week of August 2013. The clutch housing was broke so I had to split (the tractor) to replace with one that I found in Delta, Ohio. While I stripped it all down, I was able to sand blast and prime. The front bolster was broke and bronzed. I decided that I would make this tractor travel faster, so I purchased 28" rims instead of original 24". I had to make extensions and then make the bolster on the front 4" longer so it would still set level.  I'm looking forward to some tractor drives now."

Thanks, Joe!  Click on the pictures below for a closer look at his handiwork.  I've seen this tractor travel in a tractor drive and it does quite nicely.  If you have a special project like Joe's you've been working on or tucked away in your shed, share them with us.  Email me or write to one of the addresses above.  See you next week! -Joe

March 2nd-Toy & Craft Show w/ Swap Meet. 9a-3p, St. Libory, Ne. 308-379-2581
May 31-June 8-2014 Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. Nebraska City to Haigler.  Call 308-650-1527 or go to for more info.
June 7-South Central Tractor Drive, Alma, Ne.  308-233-4555.
August 16 & 17-Annual PVAMA Show at Crystal Lake Recreation Area-Ayr, Ne.

Tractor Test Waterloo Boy

Hello, friends! Glad to have you back. You must be very busy on your current project or still recovering from the holidays. I'm still awaiting more entries for our little blog we have going here. We love to show off machines from your collection.  Let's face it, parades and shows last only a day or so.  This blog is forever!  Please consider sending your entry to one of the addresses above. 

I ran across today's topic while searching around the internet for classic machines during my time off. I ran across an article from UNL regarding the tractor test lab.  I did a video project on the history of the lab as a journalism student at N-U.  I thought the picture below was a neat historical account of that first test.

The University of Nebraska writes, "All tractors tested at the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory were certified by their manufacturers as being stock model machines, conforming to specifications filed with the application for test. No special or high-test fuels were used except as recommended by the manufacturer as necessary."

"All results within the official tractor test report were actually attained in tests and are without correction or allowances for friction, temperature, altitude, etc. The results were initially accomplished with the tractor in charge of skilled operators employed by the University."

"Unless otherwise noted, each tractor was apparently in good condition at the end of the testing and there was no evidence of undue wear or of any weakness that might require early repairs. Throughout the entire test, an accurate record was kept of all repairs and adjustments necessary on the tractor...".  They add, "This building was where the first Nebraska Tractor Test was started on March 31st, 1920. It has been designated as a Historic Landmark of Agricultural Engineering by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. The pioneer tests became worldwide standards."

The Waterloo Boy was the first tractor tested on that early spring day in 1920.  The Tractor Test Museum and the Tractor Test Laboratory are open to the public. Group tours can be arranged through the museum by calling 402-472-8380 or visiting  See you next week! - Joe

Frozen 4020

Brrrr.  As I type this, it is 6 degrees above after a low of around -13 this morning (Monday).  I hope everyone is keeping warm.  I don't envy you folks firing up those classic machines to help tend to livestock when its this cold! Thanks for stopping by this week to take a look at our blog.

This week, I'm still waiting for a new entry for our blog. But, I'm working on a cool garden tractor I think you will all enjoy.  As a stand-in, I did a search for a "frozen tractor" and several snow covered tractor pictures came up.  The one below caught my eye because I had seen it one week earlier when my copy of Two-Cylinder Magazine came in the mail. They had quite an article and subsequent pictures about the JD Waterloo Tractor Works at Waterloo, IA.   In the photos were several shots of the test the tractors went through right around 1964.  Below was one of the images of tests on how the tractors performed in sub-zero weather.  In particular, it said this 4020 did quite well, considering it was -20 degrees when they performed tests on the motor, hydraulics, etc. They knew farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin would face bitter cold temperatures and needed the tractor to perform. It reminded me of the bitter cold we saw last night and made a fitting blog entry.

Please keep your entries coming.  Until I win the lottery, I'm unable to buy a tractor each week to keep up legitimate entries every week myself.  Your help is much appreciated.  Thanks for looking and spread the word!  You can reach me at the addresses above.- Joe

Classic AC Line-Up

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!  A great way to start off the New Year with a huge line-up of AC tractors (with a few green ones sprinkled in).

Ivan Fintel of Sutton, Nebraska sent me some photos of almost their entire collection! He says he has been restoring tractors since the mid 80's with his father. His current collection has 20 restored Allis Chalmers with 1 more in the shed ready to be worked on this winter. They also have four John Deere's that they've restored (2 A's & 2 B's). The oldest AC in the collection is a 1935 WC and the most recent model is a 1970 175. Ivan says, "my father purchased a 1937 WC tractor and two bottom plow, brand new for $640 and after 45 years of use on our farm we have also added that to our restored collection."  The collection also includes Allis Chalmers WC's, WD's, WD45's, D17's,and D19's. Last summer they cleaned up all the tractors and got them out for some pictures.  Great line-up of machines!  So if you are near Sutton and you see an orange glow on the horizon, it's probably the Fintel collection. Very cool. Thanks, Ivan for sharing.

If you have a whole bunch of classic iron like Ivan. Or, if you have just one in your collection and would like to share it with our readers, just send some photos and a description to the addresses above. Have a Happy New Year! - Joe

Merry Christmas from Tractor of the Week!

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas from us at KRVN's Tractor Blog.  I found this picture of Santa last week.  Thought it was a great early 50's sketch of Santa on a tractor to share with you.  It believe it came from a vintage Christmas card.

Remember the reason for the season and thank you for all the wonderful entries!   You've answered my plea and we are back next week with some great tractors for the new year. - Joe

Christmas Light Display

Seasons Greetings!  Since I'm still slim on tractor entries, you must all be too busy with your Christmas preparations or tractor projects to send any pictures at this time.  I totally understand considering how busy the season is. I've got another holiday treat for you to tide things over.

Now, this is my kind of Christmas light display! I'm sorry I can't tell you where exactly this display is, although from the blog I got it from, I believe it to be back east near a Civil War battlefield. (Thank you,!) This gentlemen has quite a collection of tractors and lines them up every year to show off.  Heck, if I had this nice of collection, I would do the same!  Please send me your photos if you put your tractors on display for the holidays. Addresses are above. - Joe

Santa on a Farmall WD-6

Hi gang.  You'd be surprised how many pictures of Santa Claus on a tractor you can find on the internet.  This weeks tractor is an example of Jolly 'Ole Saint Nick riding a WD-6 Farmall.  If you have an antique tractor as part of your Christmas display, send us a picture!  Or put on your Santa suit, take a picture, and send it in!  Send your tractor entries to the addresses above.  We'd love to have you on next week! - Joe

1967 John Deere 95 Combine

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I can't believe it's already December. As you prepare for your Christmas Holiday, consider sending a gift of a couple of tractor photos to share on our blog.  It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long!  We would love to see what you are working on in your shop this winter. My addresses are listed above. Just click on my name to email me.

As I wait for a new entry, I will share with you a couple of pictures we took harvesting our small patch of soybeans with our "new" JD 95 combine.  Serial number says it's a '67 model.  It came out of Kansas and has cut a lot of wheat in it's lifetime.  We used the old wheat head for the beans.  (I'm looking for a 216 grain platform in good condition if anyone has one?)  It seemed to work fine. After some fuel pump work, this old girl ran like a champ.  It has the 303 JD gas engine with the variable speed hydraulic drive.  Needless to say, we had a fun afternoon! Click on the pics to get a closer look.  We just purchased a newer style feeder house so we can update platforms and corn heads.  Hope these photos bring back some memories? Thanks for looking and send us your entries.  It can even be a combine!  Until next week....Joe

My turn at the wheel!

My brother gets a turn as I snap some photos. 

1916 Rumely single-cylinder

Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Tractor of the Week! Here's hoping you had a great harvest and have much to be thankful for this season. I am thankful for all of you who read our blog and send in your entries.  Folks like Chris Epping of Funk, Ne. who read my plea last week and shared some more Rumely photos with us.

As you read last week, Chris and his crew made another purchase for their nice Rumely collection recently in Canada!  He says, "I don't know too much about this tractor as it just got here last week and I don't have a lot of history behind it. The only original history I know about it is it was sold new in Canada in 1916. It's rated 15-30 HP and is the only single cylinder model that the Rumely Co. built from 1911-1918. Although they built several thousand of this model, there are probably only 120-130 of these left. Most were scrapped in the 40's."

"This one was saved from the scrappers by a man named Joe Phelps who was a farmer who became Interior Minister (similar to a cabinet position in the US govt) in the 40's. He helped start the Western Canadian Development Museum (WCDM) system in Canada.  This tractor was part of his personal collection which he took with him when he moved to British Columbia. We bought it from his grandson a couple months ago. It weighs about 16,500 lbs and has two forward speeds and one reverse. 10 inch bore, 12 inch stroke, instead of a spark plug it uses an igniter (note picture below) and low tension ignition."

Great history behind this old girl! So glad it was saved from the scrappers during the war.  And to gain one from a family collection?!   They must have known you would take good care of it.  Thanks, Chris and Maureen!  Keep sending in your entries as I know wintertime is the season to purchase new toys OR work on some of your projects  May addresses are above.  See you next week! - Joe

Someting Old, Something Newer

Hi all!  I see lots of folks posting what they are thankful for on Facebook.  I am certainly thankful to all of our loyal blog readers like yourself!  I'm also thankful to have grown up with an agriculture background and to have farming friends who share their prized possessions with me on this page.

I don't have an official tractor to share this week.  But, I do have a tractor that just relocated to Central Nebraska from Canada!  I emailed Chris Epping that I was featuring Rumely tractors here on the page a couple weeks ago.  Chris emailed back they have a new addition to their collection and snapped a quick photo which is below.   Maybe Chris can send more photos and description to us later?  Chris says he snapped a quick photo when they got home and thought it was a nice contrast between old and new.  We've come a long way in the last 100 years.  The Rumely is a 950 single cylinder!

Thanksgiving is a time to count our many blessings.  So, this season, please thank the Lord to be living in the USA where we can enjoy a classic hobby involving classic tractors.  And, snap a photo or two of the machines you are thankful for and send them to us! You can reach me at the addresses above.  Have a great week. - Joe

4 Generations of Olivers

Welcome back to our tractor blog!  This is so much fun for me, I wish I could do this full time.  But, I can't so you only get one per week.  What a week we have with 4 generations of Olivers AND family members to go with them.

The Johnson family from Wilcox, Ne was one of the first to send me pics of their machines back when we started this blog in 2009.  The Johnson's have a blog of their own (link to it here) where you can see their full line-up.  Here, Steve and his wife Gail shared with me some very cool 4 generation pictures of family and tractors. I guess you could consider tractors part of the family, huh? The tractors themselves are a 1947 Oliver 70, a 1951 Oliver 77, a 1957 Oliver Super 77 and a 1960 Oliver 770.  The latest series is when Oliver went to the Meadow Green and Clover White paint scheme.

I will list below the pics who is in the photos.  Click on them for a closer look.  Thanks Steve and Gail for some great pictures which I'm sure conjure up some memories in the minds of old Oliver users out there.  Keep sending us your photos.  Pictures of old tractors help to keep us warm during these cold winter months.  Send 'em to the addresses above. - Joe

Seated on the 70 is Lester Johnson.  Next to him is his son, Steve. Standing is Steve's son Jeremiah and his son, Chase. To the right of them is Steve's other son, Jeffrey and his son, Micah.
Along with the 4 generations of boys are Steve's daughter, Jennifer Beemer with her daughters Avery and Emerson.  Also in the photo are Jeremiah's daughter Makayla and Jeff's daughter Allegra.

Farmall 460 with 2MH picker

Hello fellow tractor fans!  Sorry this one is a little late.  Busy Monday. Hope all of you have made good progress with harvest since it is snowing out my window as I type this!  Now is the time we can benefit from all the summer projects you guys have been working on.

Mel Parker of Amherst has been a busy guy!  He tells me he just got done restoring a Farmall 460 Diesel and a 2MH IH corn picker.  On the tractor, Mel put a new injector pump, glow plugs, new gaskets, and fixed the PTO.  The front end was also switched to a single front and the 2 point hitch was repainted.  Mel also had to change the picker mountings from an M to a 460.

Mel says the corn picker was bought by his dad, Allen Parker, new from Claybough IH in Kearney in 1960.  It was always mounted on a Farmall M.  It was parked in the shed until about 4 years ago.  Mel says they went all through the picker and replaced everything they thought it needed.  Built new, taller stalk shields in front, painted it with new decals, and even pinstriped it!  He says the elevator did have a blower, but was left off the final product.   It was, however rebuilt, too just in case they wanted to use it.  Mel says they probably put a couple hundred hours on this rig and now it's ready to pick corn again! 

Thanks, Mel!  Great tractor/picker combination.  That is the new fad...implements to go with the tractors.  If you have a great story to tell about your machine with pictures, send them to me to the addresses above.  We'd love to hear from you.   Next week, generations of Olivers from Wilcox! - Joe

Farmall F-20 in Brewster Green

Hello tractor fans! I put out the plea and Howard Raymond responded to my request for more tractors.  Of course, he has more machines than you can shake a stick at.  Let's take a look at this real nice Farmall in green??

Here's Howard to give you the details. "This is a 1939 Farmall F20 that I thought I'd paint Brewster Green as I already had a gray and a red F20. I thought I'd like to be a collector of all color tractors!
I bought this tractor on an estate sale up near Arnold a couple years ago. It has been overhauled with oversize 4 inch pistons and runs real nice. It was on steel wheels when I bought it but I put some good, used rubber on the rear to make it easier to move around. I don't plan to do anything with this tractor except to look at it and so it now has a home indoors where it's warm in the winter. International Harvester would paint tractors any color the customer wanted and there is evidence that some were in fact painted green."

Howard says he parted out an old F20 years ago that had traces of green on it.  Hmmm, I wonder if IH would have painted one JD green and yellow if you made the request?  That's one to ponder.  Keep those tractors coming to the addresses above and have a great week! - Joe

Nov 2nd- SW Nebraska Old Time Corn Harvest-Wellfleet.  Contact Howard Raymond at 308-650-1527 for more info.

See Your Tractor Here! (split IH on it's way to restoration)

UPDATE: Bless you red fans for getting back to me on identifying the picture below.  Thanks to tractor blog fan Gene Wondercheck from Kennard, Ne for noticing the V-8 motor on the split tractor.  He says it appears to be a 1468 or 1568 which were the unique V-8 models from IH in the early 70's. Gene says because they are somewhat rare, the owners probably split the tractor and found major clutch/flywheel problems and are in the process of search for parts.  Thanks, Gene! 

I hope it's because of harvest that I haven't seen any new tractors in my email inbox or regular mail? If you have emailed me and I've not responded, I'm blaming my spam folder.  It might be a little too sensitive.  Please keep trying! Our addresses are above. We want your tractors!

To tide us over to next week, here's a picture of a work in progress. I hope your machine in not in this bad of shape.  No, this is not a knock against the red folks.  This is just the best example I could find of a work in progress.  If you have a tractor you are currently working on, but not finished with, send us the "before" photo if you like?  We'd love to see what you are working on. - Joe

Rumely OilPull History

Hi folks! Quite the rain for many of us this week.  Knocked many of us out of the field during harvest. Hope everything is going well so far out there and be safe once the combines fire up again!

While waiting for you readers to supply me with another fine machine for our blog, I thought I would share the history of the Rumely Oil Pull tractors.  I have memories of my grandpa telling me about how he used an old Rumely to grade roads in rural Hays County back in the 30's.  (I wish he was here so I could ask him which model) So, I thought I would do a little digging and share some history of these unique machines.

Rumely started in 1853 in La Porte, Indiana by Meinrad Rumely. The firm started by manufacturing threshers and later moved on to steam engines. The first internal combusion tractor at the company was the OilPull, launched in 1910 and developed by Dr. Edward Rumely. The tractor was designed to operate on kerosene, which was cheaper than gasoline, but burned in a narrower temperature band. Rumely's solution was to cool the engine with oil. The OilPulls feature a large cooling tower in the front, the exhaust vented through the tower to create airflow without a fan. In 1915, the company changed its name to the Advance-Rumely Company because of a 1911 merger with the Advance Thresher Company.

The massive OilPull tractors were, essentially, internal combusion variants of steam engines. The giant machines were suited only for the largest farms or for threshing work. In the late 1920s it became obvious that Rumely was behind. The company attempted to enter the market for smaller tractors with the DoAll and the 6A, but it was too late. The final blow was an unprofitable export venture with Russia. Allis-Chalmers purchased Advance-Rumely in 1931, and stopped production of all models.  (  

Here are some cool pics including a very nice 1925 Type "L" 15-25 horse model which belongs to Chris and Maureen Epping of Funk.  I also included a YouTube video so you can here one of these beauties running.  Enjoy!  Send me your entries to the addresses above. - Joe

Maureen Epping on their 1925 "L".