Beginning, April 8, the CME Group, operator of the Chicago and Kansas City Boards of Trade will begin reduced trading hours, affecting report times and the content of programs on the Rural Radio Network.

Most notably, the new official opening time for the markets will be 8:30AM and the trading day will close at 1:15PM, Central Time.

On the Rural Radio Network beginning Monday, the Pre-Opening grain market comments will be heard at 8:10AM followed by the Livestock outlook at 8:13. An Ag News update will be heard at 8:25AM.

The Network will institute a new Opening Report beginning at 8:30AM, monitoring LIVE the first few moments of trade each day. The Network's traditional pattern of Market Updates at ten and forty past each hour will continue through the trading day, with additional information during the Rural Radio Network's Mid-Day program.

The 1:10PM Market Update will include a snapshot of late trading moves and Market Analysis to 1:15PM, followed by our Closing Report at 1:17PM. The Rural Radio Network's Mid-Day Ag News and Interview airs at 1:22, and the Market Settlement report will be heard at 1:40PM.

The Rural Radio Network will round out programming on trading-day afternoons with reports beginning at ten past the hour including news from agriculture, market recaps and analysis.

Stay with KRVN and the Rural Radio Network as we continue our great tradition of reporting the world of agriculture to you.