Heineman appoints seventeen to Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission

Governor Dave Heineman recently announced seventeen appointments to the Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission. The 150th anniversary of Nebraska’s Statehood occurs on March 1, 2017. The Nebraska S... Read More

Fischer, Smith, and Johanns taking part in Angels in Adoption Program

Congressman Adrian Smith and U.S. Senators Mike Johanns and Deb Fischer are all playing a role in the Angels in Adoption Program. Johanns met Tuesday with his recipient, Mary Saunders of Bellevue. Saunders will be nationally recognized for her com... Read More

University Group Aims to Boost Graduation

The University of Kansas is joining 10 other major institutions in an initiative to increase graduation rates for low-income and first-generation college students. The Lawrence Journal-World reports the University Innovation Alliance will develop ... Read More

As U.S. farm cycle turns, tractor makers may suffer longer than farmers

Farm equipment makers insist the sales slump they face this year because of lower crop prices and farm incomes will be short-lived. Yet there are signs the downturn may last longer than tractor and harvester makers are letting on and the pain could p... Read More

Nebraska's uninsured rate held stable in 2013

Nebraska's rate of uninsured people stayed relatively flat last year while those in neighboring states and the nation declined slightly. New U.S. census data released Tuesday show that 13 percent of Nebraskans under age 65 were uninsured last year.... Read More

Frost Damage in Corn and Soybeans

Recent cold weather may have produced some very early freeze damage to crops in our area. Freezing temperatures before physiological maturity can cause both reduced yield and grain quality problems. Normal maturity occurs in corn when kernels form a ... Read More

Robert Henri Museum unveils new art gallery addition

Cozad's Robert Henri Museum unveiled it's new art gallery addition on Friday. Executive Director Jan Patterson says featured is artist of the month Jake Scott. RRN/Robert Henri Addition "I looked at his things and I thought we really need that... Read More

Shedding Light on Bioenergy: Universities Inform About Latest Developments

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Though it sounds relatively new, we humans have been using bioenergy since we first burned wood to warm our families and cook our food. Now, ethanol made from corn is available at service stations across the country and scientists... Read More

Gothenburg woman granted hearing in her argument for postconviction relief

A 30 year old Gothenburg woman serving  a prison term for  the death of  her 3 year old daughter  has been granted an evidence  hearing on her motion for postconviction relief.  Doris Herrin was convicted of manslaughter  in  August of  2012... Read More

Genetically Engineered Crops Discussed In Open Forum This Week

John Linder, a grain farmer from Edison, Ohio, offered the closing public comments Monday in the opening discussion by scientists and laypeople on the past experience and potential future of agricultural biotechnology in the U.S. "As farmers, we are... Read More

Dole resuming Kansas homecoming tour

DODGE CITY, Kan. (AP) — Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole returns to Kansas next week for the latest of several planned trips to his home state this year. The 91-year-old Russell native lives in Washington, D.C., and is making the homecoming tour to gre... Read More