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Birthday & Anniversaries | KRVN Radio

Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address,
the date of the birthday or Hanniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

You could win a $10 Gift Certificate from 529 Social in Wisner!
Winner(s) are picked on Monday’s from the previous weeks entries.

Traditions of Christmas

  • You are welcome to enter the "Traditions of Christmas" contest ONCE EACH WEEK of the contest period between November 23, 2015 through December 23, 2015. The new week begins each Saturday. You must verify that you are at least 18 years of age and have read the instructions and contest rules.


Friday, October 19th
  • Happy birthday Ryder Stigge love Mom, Dad & Collin
  • Happy birthday Addison Rose love Mom
  • Happy birthday Addison love Travis, Abby & Ty
  • Happy birthday Doug Bazata from Greg and Cindy, Brad and Renee, Nikki and Brian, Derek and Shauna, and Chase and Brittany
  • Happy birthday Jayden love Mom, Tim, Dad, Jaron, Paul, Taylor, Emerson and Snoopy
Saturday, October 20th
  • Happy birthday Addie Lou love Mom, Dad, Maycie & Chleo
  • Happy birthday Addi love Grandma Teri & Papa Jim
  • Happy birthday Bev love Tom
  • Happy birthday Mom love TJ & Amanda and Angie & Brandon
  • Happy birthday Mimi love Julia, Kylie, Carter, Olive & Owen
  • Happy birthday Bev from Debbie, Kathy & Mark and Karen & Mark
  • Happy birthday Ben Fullner from Grandma & Aunt Linda
  • Happy anniversary Tom & Jan Baumert love Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Jake & Brianna
  • Happy anniversary Matt & Penny Bruns from your family & friends
  • Happy anniversary Matt & Penny Bruns from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Sunday, October 21st
  • Happy birthday Dale love the Petersen’s, Green’s, Mark’s & Miserez’s
  • Happy birthday Sherri love Tom
  • Happy birthday Mom love Nikki, Sarah, Jason & Jenna
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Mia & Hudson
  • Happy anniversary Roger & Alice Brand love your children:  Heather, Jenny & Lindsay and family
Monday, October 22nd
  • Happy 6th birthday Greyson love Papa Jody & Grandma Becky
  • Happy birthday Darlene Heller from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy birthday Doris Ehrisman from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy birthday Anthony Vogel love Dad & Mom
Tuesday, October 23rd
  • Happy birthday Brooke Haase love Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Abbey Dale love Mom, Allison & Ethan
  • Happy birthday Abbey Dale love Grandpa Roy
Wednesday, October 24th
  • None
Thursday, October 25th
  • None
Friday, October 26th
  • Happy birthday Justin love Dad & Mom, Darrin & Jacie and Chase
  • Happy birthday Jayne love Brett, Brad & Jaci
  • Happy birthday Brook love Dave, Amanda, Henry & Jack
  • Happy anniversary Ron & Charlene Schulzkump from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
Saturday, October 27th
  • Happy birthday Jeremy Vanek love Jean & Jason
Sunday, October 28th
  • None
Monday, October 29th
  • Happy birthday, Mom,  Kathy Pieper, love Danielle
  • Happy birthday Kathy Pieper love Dad & Mom
  • Happy 10th birthday Colby Anderson love Mom, Dad, Meg & Gage
  • Happy birthday Colby love Aunt Kari, Uncle Mike & Madi
  • Happy birthday Colby love Aunt Bobbi, Uncle Jason, Brendan, Ally, Bree, Ty, Mia & Connor
  • Happy birthday Colby love Grandpa Bob & Grandma Suzy
  • Happy birthday Henry love Mom, Dad & Jack
Tuesday, October 30th
  • Happy birthday Casey love Krista
  • Happy birthday Daddy love Wesley & Stetson
  • Happy birthday Casey love Pam, Jeff, Ashley, Aaron, Nick, Taylor & Ronny
  • Happy birthday Casey Green love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy birthday Casey love the Iowa Petersen’s, Wednland’s, Miller’s & Miserrez’s
  • Happy birthday Ginger Hunke from Barb, Carter & Alexis
  • Happy birthday Kevin Uhing love Lisa, Whitney & Alex, Hunter and Parker
Wednesday, October 31st
  • Happy birthday Jeff Sellentin love your Nebraska family
  • Happy birthday Jon Rasmussen from your wife
  • Happy birthday Larry love Mary
  • Happy birthday Larry love Christopher & Andrea, Marisa & Derk and Bryce
  • Happy birthday Grandpa love Brooklynn, Lucas & Declan
  • Happy birthday Larry from Mark & Karen
Thursday, November 1st
  • None
Friday, November 2nd
  • None
Saturday, November 3rd
  • Happy birthday Sandra Kennedy from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy 13th birthday Cali, love you, Mom, Dad & Carson
  • Happy birthday Luella Petersen love Clark, Laurie & family
Sunday, November 4th
  • None
Monday, November 5th
  • Happy birthday Whitney Stieren love Mom & Dad, Hunter and Parker
Tuesday, November 6th
  • Happy birthday Ruby Prothman from the Bowling Bs
  • Happy 60th birthday Ruby Prothman from your younger friends
Wednesday, November 7th
  • Happy birthday Amanda Nelson love Mom & Jason
  • Happy birthday Grandpa, Larry Hunke, love Grace, Jake, Lindsey, Evan, Michael, Jaxon, Reagon & Paisley
  • Happy birthday Larry Hunke love Russ, Brenda, Jill, Mike, Jess & Crystal
Thursday, November 8th
  • Happy birthday Tim Martens from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Grandma, Vicki Hunke, love Grace, Jake, Lindsey, Evan, Michael, Jaxon, Reagon & Paisley
  • Happy birthday Vicki Hunke love Russ, Brenda, Jill, Mike, Jess & Crystal
Friday, November 9th
  • None
Saturday, November 10th
  • Happy birthday Greg love Jacqueline
  • Happy birthday Dad love Isabella, Logan & Alexander
  • Happy birthday Logan love Dad, Mom, Isabella & Alexander
  • Happy birthday Greg & Logan Gade from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Sunday, November 11th
  • Happy 59th anniversary Norbert & Sheryl Schulenberg love Kevin & Shelly and grandchildren: Anthony, Whitney, Amber, Gage, Autumn, Bruce & Conner
Monday, November 12th
  • Happy birthday Troy love Tammie
  • Happy birthday
Tuesday, November 13th
  • None
Wednesday, November 14th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Crystal, Jess, Reagan & Paisley
  • Happy 15th birthday Emily Toelle love Grandma & Grandpa Toelle
  • Happy birthday Allan Andersen from George & Judy Godel
Thursday, November 15th
  • Happy birthday Conrad Krienert love Mom, Dad, Gabrielle & Mason
  • Happy birthday Eli Petersen love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy birthday Eli love the Nebraska Petersen’s, Green’s & Mark’s
  • Happy birthday Conrad Krienert love Dad, Mom, Gabrielle & Mason
  • Happy anniversary Melvin & Alma Meyer from George & Judy Godel
Friday, November 16th
  • Happy birthday Mitchell love Breanna
  • Happy birthday Mitchell Nissen from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Saturday, November 17th
  • Happy birthday Clint Warnke from George & Judy Godel
Sunday, November 18th
  • Happy birthday Keyden love Dad & Mom, Jacie & Darrin and Kyler
  • Happy birthday Keyden love Grandpa Bernard and Grandpa & Grandma Throener
Monday, November 19th
  • Happy birthday Riley Berg love Grandpa Jody & Grandma Becky
Tuesday, November 20th
  • None
Wednesday, November 21st
  • Happy birthday Vickie Welding from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Caleb & Cassidy love Mom, Dad & Kaylee
  • Happy birthday Caleb & Cassidy Mauch from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
  • Happy 20th anniversary Tim & Mary Kay from Mark & Jolene
  • Happy 20th anniversary Tim & Mary Kay from Rudy, Tammi & Hunter
Thursday, November 22nd
  • Happy birthday Linda Stiles from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Jacie & Darrin, Keyden and Kyler
  • Happy anniversary Duane & Jenny love Dad, Sandy & Chuck, Kelly & Brian, Wilbert & Liz, Mark & Karen and Randy & Beth
  • Happy anniversary Uncle Duane & Aunt Jenny love all your nieces & nephews
Friday, November 23rd
  • Happy birthday Danny love Mom, Dad, Lexi & Nova
Saturday, November 24th
  • None
Sunday, November 25th
  • Happy anniversary Shane & LaWanda Novotny from George & Judy Godel
Monday, November 26th
  • Happy anniversary Tim & Sherry Schmitt from George & Judy Godel
Tuesday, November 27th
  • Happy anniversary neighbors, Clint & Terry, from George & Judy Godel
Wednesday, November 28th
  • Happy birthday Will Foust love Grandpa Bud & Grandma Joyce
Thursday, November 29th
  • Happy birthday Gabrielle Krienert love Dad, Mom, Mason & Conrad
  • Happy 10th anniversary Kathy Pieper love Chris
  • Happy 10th anniversary Chris & Kathy Pieper love Dad & Mom
Friday, November 30th
  • Happy birthday Pam love Kyle
  • Happy birthday Mom love Darrin & Jacie, Justin and Chase
Saturday, December 1st
  • Happy birthday Noelle Klitz from Deb & Bob
Sunday, December 2nd
  • None
Monday, December 3rd
  • None
Tuesday, December 4th
  • Happy anniversary Shep & Mardell from the Mayberry’s Gang
Wednesday, December 5th
  • None
Thursday, December 6th
  • None
Friday, December 7th
  • None
Saturday, December 8th
  • None
Sunday, December 9th
  • None
Monday, December 10th
  • None
Tuesday, December 11th
  • Happy birthday Anya from Wanda, Cassie, Chelsea, Brent, Weldon, Cody & family
Wednesday, December 12th
  • None
Thursday, December 13th
  • None
Friday, December 14th
  • None
Saturday, December 15th
  • Happy birthday Tim Petersen love Mom & Dad
Sunday, December 16th
  • None
Monday, December 17th
  • None
Tuesday, December 18th
  • None
Wednesday, December 19th
  • Happy 1st birthday Jane Marie Hagedorn love Mommy, Daddy, Kendra & Chelsey
  • Happy birthday Dave Welding from the Mayberry’s Gang
Thursday, December 20th
  • None
Friday, December 21st
  • None
Saturday, December 22nd
  • None
Sunday, December 23rd
  • None
Monday, December 24th
  • None
Tuesday, December 25th
  • None
Wednesday, December 26th
  • None
Thursday, December 27th
  • None
Friday, December 28th
  • None
Saturday, December 29th
  • None
Sunday, December 30th
  • None
Monday, December 31st
  • Happy birthday Jakson Paus love Grandma & Grandpa Paus
Tuesday, January 1st
  • None
Wednesday, January 2nd
  • None
Thursday, January 3rd
  • None
Friday, January 4th
  • None
Saturday, January 5th
  • None
Sunday, January 6th
  • None
Monday, January 7th
  • None