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Lexington Wins Cozad Wrestling Tournament | KRVN Radio

Lexington Wins Cozad Wrestling Tournament

Lexington Wins Cozad Wrestling Tournament
2017-2018 Lexington Minutemen Wrestling Team-KRVN Photo Paul Pack

Cozad Wrestling Tournament 12-2

1. Lexington LEX 157.5
2. Wahoo WAH 146.0
3. Alliance ALL 143.5
4. Sidney SID 133.5
5. Plattsmouth PMTH 128.0
6. Holdrege HOLD 117.0
7. Gothenburg GOT 106.0
8. Adams Central HAC 103.5
9. Aurora AUR 87.0
10. Gering GERI 85.0
11. Cozad COZ 76.5
12. Seward SEW 71.0
13. McCook MCC 57.0
14. Chadron CHAD 48.0
15. Ogallala OGA 45.0

Individual Results

Varsity – 106
1st Place – Paul Ruff of Alliance
2nd Place – Triristen Obermiller of Adams Central
3rd Place – Quinten Chavez of Gering
4th Place – Brayden Schmalz of Holdrege
5th Place – Tanner Ostrander of Ogallala
6th Place – Sabastian Lausterer of Wahoo
1st Place Match
Paul Ruff (Alliance) won by fall over Triristen Obermiller (Adams Central) (Fall 0:00)
3rd Place Match
Quinten Chavez (Gering) won by fall over Brayden Schmalz (Holdrege) (Fall 1:23)
5th Place Match
Tanner Ostrander (Ogallala) won by injury default over Sabastian Lausterer (Wahoo) (Inj. 0:00)
Varsity – 113
1st Place – Anthony Long of Plattsmouth
2nd Place – Corbyn Sattler of Cozad
3rd Place – Jeremy Larson of Gothenburg
4th Place – Tallon Craig of Chadron
5th Place – Harley Beckman of Aurora
6th Place – Lazaro Perez of Ogallala
1st Place Match
Anthony Long (Plattsmouth) won by fall over Corbyn Sattler (Cozad) (Fall 2:28)
3rd Place Match
Jeremy Larson (Gothenburg) won by fall over Tallon Craig (Chadron) (Fall 0:54)
5th Place Match
Harley Beckman (Aurora) won by decision over Lazaro Perez (Ogallala) (Dec 4-1)
Varsity – 120
1st Place – Chase Larsen of Plattsmouth
2nd Place – Evan Steggs of Alliance
3rd Place – Jace Russman of Cozad
4th Place – Tristan Ahrendt of Sidney
5th Place – Trason Snover of Seward
6th Place – Carson Richards of McCook
1st Place Match
Chase Larsen (Plattsmouth) won by fall over Evan Steggs (Alliance) (Fall 4:34)
3rd Place Match
Jace Russman (Cozad) won by major decision over Tristan Ahrendt (Sidney) (Maj 13-2)
5th Place Match
Trason Snover (Seward) won by forfeit over Carson Richards (McCook) (FF)
Varsity – 126
1st Place – Trevor Kluck of Aurora
2nd Place – Brady Fago of Lexington
3rd Place – Kaden Vowers of Sidney
4th Place – Sean Martin of Seward
5th Place – Gage Stokey of Ogallala
6th Place – Breckin Loftin of Cozad
1st Place Match
Trevor Kluck (Aurora) won by major decision over Brady Fago (Lexington) (Maj 9-1)
3rd Place Match
Kaden Vowers (Sidney) won by rule over Sean Martin (Seward) (RULE)
5th Place Match
Gage Stokey (Ogallala) won by fall over Breckin Loftin (Cozad) (Fall 0:31)
Varsity – 132
1st Place – Trey Arellano of Sidney
2nd Place – Wyatt Hotz of Gothenburg
3rd Place – Nate Rocheleau of Gering
4th Place – Brock Bashus of Plattsmouth
5th Place – Asa Johnson of Alliance
6th Place – Treven Melroy of Holdrege
1st Place Match
Trey Arellano (Sidney) won by decision over Wyatt Hotz (Gothenburg) (Dec 8-3)
3rd Place Match
Nate Rocheleau (Gering) won by rule over Brock Bashus (Plattsmouth) (RULE)
5th Place Match
Asa Johnson (Alliance) won by decision over Treven Melroy (Holdrege) (Dec 5-0)
Varsity – 138
1st Place – Brody Raines of Sidney
2nd Place – Trystan Berry of Lexington
3rd Place – Juilian Corona of Gering
4th Place – Peyten Walling of Wahoo
5th Place – Trenton Kluck of Aurora
6th Place – Blake Hessler of Adams Central
1st Place Match
Brody Raines (Sidney) won in sudden victory – 1 over Trystan Berry (Lexington) (SV-1 14-12)
3rd Place Match
Juilian Corona (Gering) won by fall over Peyten Walling (Wahoo) (Fall 1:49)
5th Place Match
Trenton Kluck (Aurora) won by decision over Blake Hessler (Adams Central) (Dec 12-5)
Varsity – 145
1st Place – Jorgen Johnson of Alliance
2nd Place – Nolan Barry of Adams Central
3rd Place – Zachary Hurlbert of Holdrege
4th Place – Jacob Lemmon of Chadron
5th Place – Kc Higer of Sidney
6th Place – Noah Larson of Gothenburg
1st Place Match
Jorgen Johnson (Alliance) won by decision over Nolan Barry (Adams Central) (Dec 7-0)
3rd Place Match
Zachary Hurlbert (Holdrege) won by forfeit over Jacob Lemmon (Chadron) (FF)
5th Place Match
Kc Higer (Sidney) won by rule over Noah Larson (Gothenburg) (RULE)
Varsity – 152
1st Place – Derek Robb of Sidney
2nd Place – Tomas Margritz of Lexington
3rd Place – Carson Core of Seward
4th Place – Carter Pursley of Aurora
5th Place – Josh Nuckolls of Wahoo
6th Place – Dylon Zink of Ogallala
1st Place Match
Derek Robb (Sidney) won by decision over Tomas Margritz (Lexington) (Dec 12-5)
3rd Place Match
Carson Core (Seward) won by decision over Carter Pursley (Aurora) (Dec 8-5)
5th Place Match
Josh Nuckolls (Wahoo) won by decision over Dylon Zink (Ogallala) (Dec 10-3)
Varsity – 160
1st Place – Pierro Garcia of Lexington
2nd Place – Jayden Wooten of Plattsmouth
3rd Place – Lane Applegarth of Alliance
4th Place – Tyler Johnston of Holdrege
5th Place – Brady Robb of Sidney
6th Place – Donovan Dibbern of Aurora
1st Place Match
Pierro Garcia (Lexington) won by fall over Jayden Wooten (Plattsmouth) (Fall 0:46)
3rd Place Match
Lane Applegarth (Alliance) won by fall over Tyler Johnston (Holdrege) (Fall 1:51)
5th Place Match
Brady Robb (Sidney) won by decision over Donovan Dibbern (Aurora) (Dec 8-3)
Varsity – 170
1st Place – Tucker Hancock of Wahoo
2nd Place – Riley Kopf of Lexington
3rd Place – Clark Riesen of Chadron
4th Place – Noah Machnicki of Adams Central
5th Place – Brogan Fehlhafer of Seward
6th Place – Bronson Newburn of Plattsmouth
1st Place Match
Tucker Hancock (Wahoo) won by decision over Riley Kopf (Lexington) (Dec 7-5)
3rd Place Match
Clark Riesen (Chadron) won by rule over Noah Machnicki (Adams Central) (RULE)
5th Place Match
Brogan Fehlhafer (Seward) won by decision over Bronson Newburn (Plattsmouth) (Dec 7-1)
Varsity – 182
1st Place – Prestin Melroy of Holdrege
2nd Place – Kole Bordovsky of Wahoo
3rd Place – Zane Platter of Gothenburg
4th Place – Alec Langan of McCook
5th Place – Broc LaVelle of Seward
6th Place – Taylor Yancy of Cozad
1st Place Match
Prestin Melroy (Holdrege) won by major decision over Kole Bordovsky (Wahoo) (Maj 13-0)
3rd Place Match
Zane Platter (Gothenburg) won by decision over Alec Langan (McCook) (Dec 7-2)
5th Place Match
Broc LaVelle (Seward) won by fall over Taylor Yancy (Cozad) (Fall 1:37)
Varsity – 195
1st Place – Sam Kolterman of Wahoo
2nd Place – Cody Ybarra of Gering
3rd Place – Baily Hood of Alliance
4th Place – Devin Pfeifer of Plattsmouth
5th Place – Andre Hernandez of Lexington
6th Place – Imanol Munoz of Holdrege
1st Place Match
Sam Kolterman (Wahoo) won by fall over Cody Ybarra (Gering) (Fall 3:30)
3rd Place Match
Baily Hood (Alliance) won by fall over Devin Pfeifer (Plattsmouth) (Fall 1:57)
5th Place Match
Andre Hernandez (Lexington) won by fall over Imanol Munoz (Holdrege) (Fall 2:20)
Varsity – 220
1st Place – Kaleb Taylor of McCook
2nd Place – Bronson Titus of Holdrege
3rd Place – Jack Sutton of Wahoo
4th Place – Noah Gugelman of Gothenburg
5th Place – Trevor Nielsen of Plattsmouth
6th Place – Brady Papineau of Aurora
1st Place Match
Kaleb Taylor (McCook) won by major decision over Bronson Titus (Holdrege) (Maj 14-5)
3rd Place Match
Jack Sutton (Wahoo) won by fall over Noah Gugelman (Gothenburg) (Fall 0:42)
5th Place Match
Trevor Nielsen (Plattsmouth) won by fall over Brady Papineau (Aurora) (Fall 2:13)
Varsity – 285
1st Place – Zachary Wioskowski of Adams Central
2nd Place – Jade Wurth of Lexington
3rd Place – Nathan Lauder of Alliance
4th Place – Pat Hudson of Gothenburg
5th Place – Josh Stallbaumer of Cozad
6th Place – Hunter Cunningham of McCook
1st Place Match
Zachary Wioskowski (Adams Central) won by forfeit over Jade Wurth (Lexington) (FF)
3rd Place Match
Nathan Lauder (Alliance) won by decision over Pat Hudson (Gothenburg) (Dec 7-4)
5th Place Match
Josh Stallbaumer (Cozad) won in sudden victory – 1 over Hunter Cunningham (McCook) (SV-1 4-2)

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