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MANHATTAN, Kan. — Kansas Corn leaders made the following statement on EPA’s release today of the proposed rule to allow year-round sales of E15.

“It’s good news for growers to see EPA moving forward on this proposed rule for year-round E15,” said Kansas Corn Growers Association President Steve Rome. “We’ve been working with National Corn Growers and our ethanol friends to move this rule forward to remove the outdated limitations on E15 fuel before the summer driving season begins. The RVP rule has been an unnecessary barrier to offering more fuel choices for consumers.”

The proposed rule allowing year-round sales of E15 will benefit the Kansas Corn Commission’s efforts to expand the availability the fuel which is already approved for passenger vehicles model year 2001 and newer—nearly all the vehicles on the road today.

“Our corn growers, through their checkoff, are working to expand access to E15 at fuel retailers across the state, and we’ve already had a lot of success,” Kansas Corn Commission Chairman Dennis McNinch said. “We’ve worked with many fuel retailers to add E15 and this will allow those retailers to offer the fuel all year. It will also open opportunities for additional expansion to help us grow market access for ethanol, and to provide a lower priced, higher octane fuel choice for drivers.”

KCGA works closely with National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) on this issue. NCGA President Lynn Chrisp said the organization appreciates EPA’s efforts to move the rule forward.

“Today’s proposed rule is great progress to getting the rulemaking completed by the start of the summer driving season, June 1. NCGA appreciates EPA’s efforts to meet this deadline and we look forward to fully reviewing the content of the proposed rule. We will be providing comments to EPA and urging our membership to provide input during the comment process as well.

“Allowing year-round sales of higher blends of ethanol not only grows a domestic market for farmers, but E15 gives consumers more choice at the pump, a lower price option and greater environmental benefits from a cleaner fuel. This fix removes an outdated barrier to all of these benefits.”

Kansas E15 retailers can be found at kscorn.com/eth

Corn farmers joined with their counterparts from other ag-focused organizations in Raleigh, N.C. and Washington, D.C. last week for the revisedLeadership At Its Best Program, sponsored bySyngenta. The new structure of the program allows leaders from eleven associations to network and hone their leadership skills in a collaborative environment.
During their time in Raleigh, the class explored how to increase their efficacy as advocates both in the public policy and media arenas. In addition to training sessions, the group delved into emerging topics such as gene editing, maximum residue limits and the future of digital ag. The latter part of the week when the attendees were in Washington, their focus shifted to building their personal advocacy plan and learning about the increasing role of social media in public policy. Program participants also held meetings with their representatives and senators.
“Last week was a very good example of ag groups coming together to look at issues we are all facing in agriculture, like trade, biotech acceptance and biofuels. It also gave us an opportunity to hear about the activities of each association and what specific things we are all doing to represent our membership,” said Andy Jobman, a participant and farmer from Nebraska. “It was also great to brush up on our media and interview skills and learn how we can be more effective ambassadors for the agriculture industry.”
Corn association leaders in attendance included: Brian Brown (Neb.); Chris Grams (Neb.); Andy Jobman (Neb.); Greg Larson (Colo.); Josh Miller (Mich.); Dan Nerud (Neb.); Jay Parr (Mich.); and James Tucker (Ky.).