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2020 Election Results | KRVN Radio

2020 Election Results

 2020 Election 
Presidential Ticket Party Total
Donald J Trump - President
Michael R Pence - Vice President
Joseph R Biden - President
Kamala D Harris - Vice President
Jo Jorgensen - President
Jeremy Cohen - Vice Presidnet
United States Senatorial Ticket
Ben SasseRepublican6,429
Chris JanicekDemocrat1,819
Gene SiadekLibertarian475
Congressional Ticket
Adrian SmithRepublican6,746
Mark Elworth JrDemocrat1,937
Dustin C HobbsLibertarian 278
School Ticket
For Lexington District 1 School Board Member
Larry Steinberger1,797
Cindy Benjamin1,888
Carlos Saiz1,997
For Cozad District 11 School Board Member
Joel Carlson1,226
Michele R Starman1,366
Ann Burkholder1,503
For Gothenburg District 20 School Board Memeber
Kyle Fornoff1,225
Becky Jobman1,478
Kelly Terrell1,203
For Overton District 4 School Board Memeber
Keith Rudeen362
Joel Meier422
Heather Brennan349
For S-E-M District 101 School Board Member
Kirby D Burden128
Brock Elsen100
Jana Hoos236
Jennifer L Anderson135
Rachel Hrasky223
Todd Ibach107
Callaway District 180 School Board Member
Michael Reiff9
Rhonda Pandorf8
Jim Phelps8
For Elm Creek District 9 School Board Member
Suzanne Brodine0
Morgan Fouts8
J.C. Ourada8
Ryan Harbur4
Lynette J Michtell6
For Elwood District 30 School Board Member
Nicholas Neimeier147
Kelly Gydessen177
Bryant Knoerzer165
For Eustis-Farnam District School Board Member
Allan L Smith126
Michael Oberg148
Jeffrey Loshonkohl142
Nick Toberer89
City Ticket
For Lexington City Council
Dora A Vivas1,586
Jeremy Roberts1,300
Steve Smith1,348
For Cozad City Council - East Ward
Ronald L Olds667
For Cozad City Council - West Ward
Torrey Kloppenborg346
Debra S McArdie323
For Gothenburg City Council - East Ward
J Buddenberg400
William J Rahjes374
For Gothenburg City Council - West Ward
Jeffrey M Kennedy627
For Village of Eddyville Board Member
Gary L Rohde42
Sara J Nichols28
For Village of Farnam Board Member
Michael J Russman65
Cory S Heath40
Darla Lungrin58
William Penton23
Rebecca Tobin25
For Village of Overton Board Member
Ray Maring30
Rob Ecklund81
Art Kiger71
Robert A Ditson73
Howard Roth117
Ron Davey154
Jeremy Shubert109
For Village of Summer Board Member
Cale Eacker95
Troy Ross71
Eddy Dean Nichols119
Jeff Refior59
Proposed Constitutional Amendments - Amendment No 1
To eliminate slavery or involuntary servitude as a punishment of crime.
Proposed Constitutional Amendments - Amendment No 2
A constitutional amendment to authorize the Legislature to allow cities and villages to pledge property taxes as part of a redevelopment project for a period not to exceed twenty years if, due to a high rate of unemployment combined with a high poverty rate as determined by law, more than one-half of the property in the project area is extremely blighted.
Proposed By Initiative Petition
Initiative Measure 428
Shall Nebraska statutes be amended to: (1) reduce the amount that delayed deposit services licensees, also known as payday lenders, can charge to a maximum annual percentage rate of thirty-six percent; (2) prohibit payday lenders from evading this rate cap; and (3) deem void and uncollectable any delayed deposit transaction made in violation of this rate cap?
Proposed By Initiative Petition
Initiative Measure 429
Shall the Nebraska Constitution be amended to state that laws may be enacted to provide for the authorization, regulation, and taxation of all forms of games of chance to be conducted by licensees within licensed racetrack enclosures in Nebraska?
Proposed By Initiative Petition
Initiative Measure 430
Shall a statute be enacted which: (1) allows games of chance to be conducted by authorized gaming operators within licensed racetrack enclosures in Nebraska; (2) establishes a Nebraska Gaming Commission to license and regulate such gaming; and (3) amends and repeals existing sections of law to harmonize provisions consistent with the enactment of such statute
For 4,511
Proposed By Initiative Petition
Initiative Measure 431
A proposed law to tax casinos at licensed horse race tracks and direct most of the tax revenues to property tax credits.