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Teacher's praise helps students focus more than punishment, study finds

(PROVO, Utah) -- It appears when dealing with children that the carrot wields more power than the stick. Turns out, children focus on tasks up to 30% more when teachers praise them for good behavior rather than reprimand them for being disruptive, according to a new study from Brigham Young…... Read More

Treatment for opioid addiction is increasing, except in the young

(NEW YORK) -- Opioid-related overdose deaths are on the rise, but individuals aged 15 to 24 have experienced a decline in treatment from the lifesaving medication buprenorphine, a new study finds.Buprenorphine is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment for opioid addiction. Researchers made their findings at Columbia University College…... Read More

Is your baby a 'late talker'? Here's how to get them babbling using 'baby talk'

(NEW YORK) -- A baby's first words are an important milestone for many parents.However, for some kids dubbed "late talkers," parents may be left worried and turn to speech therapists for help.Instead of having to travel to a doctor's office, some parents opt for a more accessible way to help…... Read More

New coronavirus 'not spreading' in the US, CDC says

(ATLANTA) -- While the death toll for the new coronavirus has crossed 100 people people in China and put the world on edge, it is not spreading in the U.S., health officials said in news conference Monday."We understand that many people in the Unites States are worried about this virus,"…... Read More

How one mom's Instagram video saved another's child from choking

(NEW YORK) -- Say what you want about social media, but it from time to time, it saves lives.Such was the case when Shelby Dunham realized her daughter was choking."I look over and her face was turning blue and she was trying to gasp for air but she couldn't. She…... Read More

Fifth US case of coronavirus confirmed as death toll rises to 80 in China

(NEW YORK) -- The Trump administration is being urged to declare a formal public health emergency as a fifth case of the deadly coronavirus in the United States was confirmed and the death toll from the disease rose to 80 in China, where officials cautioned that the spread of the…... Read More

Plant-based diets 101: What to know about the buzzy diet trend

(NEW YORK) -- Plant-based diets are already one of the major wellness trends of 2020.Burger chains from McDonald's to Burger King are now offering plant-based burgers, restaurants have developed plant-based menus and meat was taken off the menu at this year's Golden Globes.The term plant-based is everywhere, but what does…... Read More

What we know about the new coronavirus fueling worldwide anxiety

(NEW YORK) -- The U.S. has now confirmed four cases of the coronavirus in U.S. patients this week. Two patients are located in California, one in Washington state and one in Chicago.All of the patients had traveled to Wuhan, China, the city at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities in…... Read More

Second coronavirus case confirmed in US

(CHICAGO) -- A second U.S. case of the new coronavirus has been confirmed in a patient in Chicago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The patient, a woman in her 60s and a Chicago resident, had traveled to Wuhan, China, in late December. She was admitted to the…... Read More

Does wearing a mask while traveling ward off illness? Here's what experts say

(NEW YORK) -- What started off as a viral infection only in China in December is now spreading throughout Asia and has made its way to the United States. The novel coronavirus -- "2019-nCoV"-- in the same class as the SARS and MARS viruses, is now linked to the death…... Read More

These insurance companies pledged $55M to lower generic drug prices amidst national crisis

(WASHINGTON) -- A coalition of health insurers pledged $55 million to help manufacture generic prescription drugs at lower prices, as the skyrocketing cost of medication has triggered a national reckoning.The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and 18 independently operated Blue Cross Blue Shield companies announced Thursday they were partnering with…... Read More