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Astronaut Terry Virts on managing isolation in space and during a pandemic

By ERIC MOLLO, ABC News(NEW YORK) – Retired colonel Terry Virts has spent over seven months in space, serving as a NASA astronaut, performing space walks, and commanding the International Space Station. The former U.S. Air Force pilot spoke to ABC News this week about his new book, How to…... Read More

Rural moms recovering from addiction struggle to stay connected during pandemic

By DR. L. NEDDA DASTMALCHI, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Prior to COVID-19, Dr. Julia Few, director of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Moms in Recovery Program, gathered a group of women in a small room, joined together by the struggles of motherhood while battling opioid addiction. These women learned from each other, grew…... Read More

COVID-19 quarantine sparks concern of eating disorder crisis

By KATIE KINDELAN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- After struggling for years with disordered eating and more recently a severe eating disorder, Kwolanne Dina Felix, a college junior in New York City, realized early this year that the eating disorder had taken over her life and she was ready to seek…... Read More

Ten pieces of advice for couples who have postponed their weddings to 2021

By ANGELINE JANE BERNABE, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- When Tavi Kaunitz and Tom Lerner had to postpone their May wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was stressful and upsetting for the couple, who had spent nearly a year planning their dream ceremony."We'd already been in the throes of planning,…... Read More

As COVID-19 cancels most youth sports seasons, some parents pursue legal action

By LAURA ROMERO, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Every morning, before making breakfast, Chris Tyndorf looks at a sign on the kitchen wall that has become his family's motto: "God, Family, Football."For more than 10 years, Tyndorf’s 14-year-old son has been playing football and during that time family vacations and work…... Read More

COVID-19 canines: How dogs may help sniff out the coronavirus in humans

By MINA KAJI and AMANDA MAILE, ABC News(HELSINKI) -- They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but trainers in Finland claim 8-year-old greyhound mix Kössi learned to identify a scent associated with COVID-19 in just seven minutes.Helsinki Airport welcomed Kössi and nine other "coronavirus-sniffing dogs" as part…... Read More

How much black licorice is too much and why a sweetening compound can be bad for adults

By KELLY MCCARTHY, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- As people prepare to dig into their favorite Halloween candy, there's one treat with a new consumption warning for adults.According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, eating black licorice in excessive amounts can prompt low potassium levels and trigger a series of…... Read More

Proper installation' of car seats saves kids' lives, says mom and car seat expert

By GENEVIEVE SHAW BROWN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- When Courtney Ilarraza's minivan was totaled by a car traveling 60 mph on the three-mile trip from the beach to her home in Brooklyn, New York, her three children walked away unscathed.Despite the intensity of the collision, the then-3-year-old in a five-point…... Read More

Women more likely to experience depression, anxiety, new CDC data shows

By SASHA PEZENIK, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Before the COVID-19 pandemic pushed systemic inequalities and unprecedented stress levels to a breaking point, a crisis in American mental health already loomed.New data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics surveying nearly 32,000 adults and…... Read More

Coronavirus transmission heightens concerns surrounding ventilation in schools

By SOPHIE TATUM, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- As concern grows among researchers about the extent to which the novel coronavirus might be transmitted through the air, advocates and educators said they have long been concerned about poor air circulation due to outdated ventilation systems.In June, Terrie Brady, president of Duval…... Read More

Bioethicists condemn DIY COVID-19 vaccine efforts

By SONY SALZMAN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Across the country, a small handful of scientists are brewing up their own homemade and unproven COVID-19 vaccines and giving them to friends, family and themselves. These scientists hail from disparate groups. Some are shadowy and anonymous, while others are highly organized and…... Read More