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Market chatter is still about COVID-19, Wheat bounced backwards today, a breather was expected.  Ethanol markets does not feel good. Are we going to see a dump in corn?  Will quarterly stocks or planting intentions help the market?  Will next week’s reports set the tone?   Cattle have been giving back a bit.


It’s an off day in the market trade…except for the wheat market that has been on fire.  Corn did have a bounce in recovery.  Meat & wheat going hand in hand.  Ethanol might have a part in that.  Soybeans are confused.  The meal market and demand are a big part of it.  Aid for farmers coming from DC.  Weather concerns in South America.


Light selling in the wheat…how did that effect the corn trade?  Oil & ethanol concerns.  How soon will we be back to normal? Planting intentions report due out at months end.  Could we see increase in unplanted acres?  Corn/bean ratio and what are we seeing in the basis?  Cattle market on expanded limits, one needs the other.  Is Tyson’s announcement effecting the markets?


It was a good market day with positive Ag markets.  Stock market wasn’t the best, Dow down.  Double digit increases in soybeans & Chicago/KC wheat.  Sue looks at the money leaving the stock market on rallies.  Money will find safety.  Ag could see a good return on their investment.  Packers are offering certain bids…but a bill in the house will focus on bottom prices for cattle to be purchased.  Will we see decreased numbers in next cold storage report?  Thoughts on the planting intentions report while looking at some new grain movement issues out of South America.



Just when you thought the markets couldn’t get anymore uncertain.  Always has had the feel the markets should trade…people need to have the opportunity to sell. Under the surface is the global supply system, ag has had issues with ports not being open, people not being able to get food-food reserves of the past seem to have gone away.  The feeling could be a strong behavioral change.  Smart Money insider buying currently being seen in the KC wheat, MN wheat, bean oil, lumber and live cattle markets. Class IV milk had some limit up action. 

What is the current situation in the corn and soybean markets?
Do you think the worst of the Coronavirus is behind us? What could the signal that Coronavirus’s impact on the market is coming to an end? What does it take for the crude oil market to go higher?
How concerned are you about the ethanol Industry? Do you think today’s move higher in the markets means we are going higher from here? Do you think the short-term lows are in the corn and soybean markets? How much lower do you think we can go? What are some surprises the could help the corn and soybean market go higher?

Dow drops again. It’s hard to ignore what is going on in the ethanol market. BUT there are several positives in the market trade. Rumors that China is buying wheat. Wouldn’t take much to flip the balance sheet. DDGs another long term positive. Farmers can lock in some interest rates on their loans, lock in fuel needs, could see a reduction in input costs for this year’s crop. Cattle has been something else of late. But there are some encouraging signs coming from the trade. Strong product demand.

FINALLY, some green to the screen for beans.  Corn continues lower.  Wheat was somewhat higher. Demand destruction for gas & ethanol & what that means for the corn industry.  Historic charts for corn & beans will the reports later this month make changes to that?  South American harvest, is there a decrease in the numbers?  Meat movement, long term outlook for cattle…there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Livestock limit down as it was on expanded limit.  Not a lot of proteins moving with cancellations because of Coronavirus.  How does the cattle & pork producer try to focus & find the positive?  Basis continues for the corn steady.  Feed demand will have added pressure to the grains-almost a domino effect.  How will the slow down and fuel issues effect the ethanol plants.  March planting intentions report outlook.