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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching fall row crop harvest is almost complete across the US. According to NASS on Sunday November 8th 91% of the US corn crop was harvested. Still maintaining that 10+% lead to the five year average. Most of the Midwest is racing to the finish of corn harvest. Illinois leads at 95%, Iowa and Kansas are right behind at 94%. Nebraska is also in contention at 93% complete on corn harvest. National soybean harvest is now 92% complete. Just 2% ahead of the 5 year average. Nebraska has crossed the finish line at 100% complete. Iowa is almost there at 98% complete . Illinois is right behind Iowa at 96% and Kansas rounds out the top at 90%. Most states are 80+% complete with soybean harvest. Except Tennessee which is 71% complete, 7% behind the five year average. Sorghum harvest is now 90% complete nationwide. Nebraska is now 95% complete. Kansas is now 97% complete for sorghum harvest.

Winter wheat is the next main portion of the fall crop progress report. Winter wheat planting is still crawling forward now 93% complete across the country. Just 2% ahead of the five year average. Nebraska and South Dakota reached 100% last week. Kansas is almost there this week at 97%.

Winter wheat emergence continues to be on pace with the five year average. Nationwide 79% of the winter wheat is emerged  nationally. That is right at the five year average of 78%. Nebraska winter wheat is 94% emerged, 3% behind the five year average. Kansas winter wheat is 84% emerged, 4% ahead of the five year average.

Winter wheat condition improved for it’s second straight week nationwide up 2% to 45% good to excellent. Nebraska winter wheat improved 2% as well to 43% good to excellent. Kansas improved 3% to 31% good to excellent. California remains the top winter wheat crop in the country with an unchanged rating week to week of 95% good to excellent.

Finally soil moisture continues to deteriorate across most of the country. Nebraska topsoil moisture dropped 3% week to week to 29% adequate to surplus. Kansas topsoil moisture dropped 4% to 38% adequate to surplus. Nebraska subsoil moisture dropped 1% to 33% adequate to surplus. Kansas subsoil moisture dropped 1% go 37% adequate to surplus.

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