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Despite the challenges of the 2019 growing season more than 400 farmers and ranchers turned out to the 101st Kansas Farm Bureau Annual Meeting held in Manhattan Kansas.

The three day event kicked off with a first of it’s kind town hall meeting with National and State elected officials. Kansas Farm Bureau Terry Holdren was pleased with the turnout and the conversation evoked between constituents and the elected officials. The second day of the meeting was marked with general sessions and included a keynote speech by Mitch Holthus voice of the Kansas City Chiefs. Holthus wowed the crowd with his knowledge of Kansas high school mascots and left them with the challenge of the New Dawn in Kansas Farm Bureau, as the second century of the organization gets underway.

Listen to Kansas Farm Bureau CEO Terry Holdren discuss the town hall and the New Dawn of Kansas Farm Bureau here:

The third and final day of the annual meeting was marked with the business meeting where voting delegates helped  to shape the policy and steer the organization for 2020.

Listen to Kansas Farm Bureau President Rich Felts discuss a few of the top policies for Kansas Farm Bureau and his vision for the organization in 2020:

There were also educational workshops for annual meeting attendees ranging from the latest trends in agriculture to retirement planning.

Listen Farm Bureau Financial Adviser Matt Gleason talk about retirement planning on the farm:

Ahead of the business meeting individual districts held caucus meetings and nominated district representatives and Vote FBF board members. Jackie Mundt who won the National Discussion Meet in New Orleans in January was nominated to serve District 7 which covers South Central Kansas on the Vote FBF board. Mundt was confirmed at the annual business meeting.

Listen to Mundt discuss what FBF is and how it supports the grass roots effort of Kansas Farm Bureau.

While the caucus meetings were going on there was a special screening of the grain entrapment film “SILO”. The film details how a teenage and adult farm hand become entrapped in a grain bin and the ensuing rescue.

Listen to rural Kansas Volunteer Firefighter Sam’s reaction to the film:

Events like Kansas Farm Bureau’s Annual meeting are a chance for producers from across the state to see how others are doing and the different challenges they face. One issue that seem to take many outside the area by surprise was talk of drought like conditions in South West Kansas.

Jim Sipes farms land near the Colorado and Oklahoma state lines and details the drought like issues facing many producers in the area: