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Wheat harvest, July options, many balls in the air with many things being tossed at it over the weekend into the Sunday night trade.  China talk let’s get a confirmation before the markets take reaction.  Crude oil sees a bit of a rally.  Boxed beef has taken another drop…dog days of summer hitting many how does it effect consumer demand.  COVID-should we have another shelter place how is that going to effect & the back log of cattle.

China/trade/talk is it all getting brushed to the sidelines?  Are we becoming numb to the talk?  Any surprise from the crop progress report of Monday night?   Beans saw some technical movement.  Corn has been dead in the water.  Wheat market is under some harvest pressure.  Why flip the screen…cattle markets go limit down, what is going on in the cattle complex?  Boxed beef is starting to fall like a rock.  Is there any weight concerns for cattle or hogs?  Storm Lake IA pork plant closed due to COVID-19.  Outlook for Hogs & Pigs report.  How did hogs react to the China talk?