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This Week’s Big Iron Realty Friday’s In the Field takes us back to Minden Nebraska and the Olson Family Farm. The seed corn field that we follow through the 2019 growing season has moved into the tassel and pollination growth stage. That means the detasseling crews are hard at work prepping fields.

We also get an update on the Olson’s hard red winter wheat cover crop. Since the last segment in early July the combines have rolled and the Olson’s had big enough yields to sell part of the wheat as a cash crop and retained the rest as cover crop seed for next year. Aside from cover crops the Olson family keeps a close eye on soil health. Steve let’s us in on the tests they will run this fall to get an idea of how the soil is doing.

Family farm transition is also a key topic for this year’s Friday In The Field and Steve says, “It’s all about listening to the next generation. Hear their idea’s out and let them make some mistakes similar to what we had to do when we first started.”

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