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It was a good market day with positive Ag markets.  Stock market wasn’t the best, Dow down.  Double digit increases in soybeans & Chicago/KC wheat.  Sue looks at the money leaving the stock market on rallies.  Money will find safety.  Ag could see a good return on their investment.  Packers are offering certain bids…but a bill in the house will focus on bottom prices for cattle to be purchased.  Will we see decreased numbers in next cold storage report?  Thoughts on the planting intentions report while looking at some new grain movement issues out of South America.



Grains continued to go back to the lower…weakness will continue due to no real story to keep it going into the positive. End of March reports.  South American Harvest-how is it moving along.  Negative impact of the virus and demand.   Coronavirus will continue to keep its hold.  Livestock Coronavirus vs. ASF


Grains drop again on the day.  Beans struggled to finish out the week. A Friday market feel that followed the stock market.  Is this going to be the trend going through the November election.  Movement of crops in South America.  Some talk of lower yields.  Livestock…Coronavirus and the cattle market.

Cornavirus…that’s the big thing effecting markets.  Corn market & producer pricing.  They need to make that decision TODAY with first notice day tomorrow.  Same thing happened in September & December.  Cash Pressure.  Fear of demand is what’s killing the livestock today.  The paring of the stock market and the cattle market.  Oversupply hogs…waiting for China to buy hogs.  Interconnectivity throughout the world.



Another low day in the markets, is the aid payment talk trigger some worries in the market place?  Waiting for trade deals to kick.  Bean funds are short going into the weekend.  Outlook forum brought no surprises.  Now what?  Ethanol margins flat, weather market heading into spring planting.  Dollar vs. real.  Livestock…hogs continue on a roller coaster-a lot of production out there, but no place to go globally.  Long term effects on the hog markets.