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For the sixth year in a row, Dawson County Cattlemen and Dawson County Farm Bureau have partnered with Tyson Fresh Meats in Lexington for Beef in Schools.

The annual event consists of Tyson and the two organizations distributing beef to all Dawson County Schools for them to serve to students. Dawson County Farm Bureau and Cattlemen also go into 4th grade and middle school classrooms to discuss and present the impact production agriculture has on day to day to life.

President of Dawson County Farm Bureau Don Batie says there are roughly 5,000 students in Dawson County and it requires nearly a ton of beef to feed them just one meal.  Batie says, “Beef in Schools is a chance for both farmers and ranchers to show students where their food comes from and answer questions that students have about agriculture. Student’s agriculture knowledge ranges drastically across the county.”

Dawson County Cattlemen’s President Quentin Dailey commented, “Beef in Schools is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of beef in the diet and to showcase its great taste, as well as dispel any myths about alternative proteins or fake meat.”

Both organization leaders also thanked Tyson Fresh Meats for being a longtime partner in the program. That includes stepping up to the plate in 2020 and donating all of the meat for the program.

Dawson County Cattlemen members on the left and Dawson County Farm Bureau members on the right with Tyson Fresh Meat employees pose in front of the Tyson Fresh Meats sign in Lexington after pickup up the beef to deliver to schools. Photo Credit Dawson County Cattlemen

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools across the county and state, but both organizations still met on Tuesday, March 17th to pick up the meat and deliver to the schools. The hope is that once the pandemic ends, the beef will in the classrooms. They also plan to host a media day at one of the schools with dignitaries from agriculture and education.